I am a MAMIL

Middle Aged Man In Lycra – agreed I am only 32, however I like the name 🙂

I love endurance cycling, especially with mates. Training my diabetes to work with me during rides has been a mission and actually still is…once you get it under control, your body changes in some way and then your back to the beginning again, but that’s OK I enjoy the challenge.

Being an endurance cyclist is not easy, doing it with T1D sitting on your handlebars is even harder, let me give you a little comparison of a typical start to a 6am group ride as a T1D;

5am, wake up, test blood sugar levels – probably higher than what they should be as the excitement of a ride tends to shoot them up for some freaking reason, take a little bit of corrective insulin to get them down to around 10mmol…pack a sandwich bag worth of lollies in your jersey, make sure you have fast acting liquid substance (watered down juice), enough carbs to last the ride, spare bike tube, tyre changing gear, CO2 canisters and shove my spare insulin and blood sugar tester in there somewhere as well.

Have a small amount of carbs, approx 20 – 30grams and a black coffee (white coffee will shoot my blood sugars up), take a tiny dose of insulin to make sure I have some active in my system but not too much cause that will cause a low blood sugar during the ride, which will in turn make me loose energy, focus and conciousness..not especially attractive during a group ride. Easy cruise to the start point of the ride, hopefully not hang around for more than 10 minutes as blood sugars will start to creep up after the carbs and then my muscles will start to hurt.

6am, ride…and the next management plan begins