0% Body Fat is not your friend…

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the physical benefits that come with training hard and generating a toned body…its just not a great thing for a T1D.

I woke up this morning with an itchy and sore stomach abdomen ( how can you have an itchy stomach??? its inside your body haha), I am talking about my skin… Yesterday morning I changed over my insulin delivery set, this basically comprises of a tube, an insulin reservoir and a needle encased in a cannula (a 13mm tube that sits under the skin to delivery insulin to the subcutaneous tissue), any who I changed the injection location to my stomach abdomen because I have over used my butt, yes you heard right my butt!!

These ‘sets’ stay on for 3 – 5 days, depending on how sensitive your skin is and how much insulin you use, butt because of how much fat I don’t have on my abdomen (due to trying to keep fit and cycling heaps) the cannula sits too deep under the skin and touches nerves and muscle, so if like me you cant lie still at night and roll onto your front, the cannula pushes deeper and you wake in the morning with a stabbing feeling until you change it again, urrgggg…not only that but it usually causes the end of the tiny cannula to bend or kink which then limits or stops delivery of insulin, which isn’t good, that’s like removing an oxygen bottle from someone with a collapsed lung, oh and the adhesive of the set causes me to get a rash after exercise, something to do with the sweat.

So controlling body fat is sort of like controlling the glucose / insulin balance, you gotta have some but not too much, just make sure you don’t look like Arnie and have none!!

On a positive note, being on the pump is awesome for fine tuning insulin delivery and for great control during exercise.