Midnight Madness

Good morning / good night…what ever it is at the moment. No training today or yesterday, so my blood sugars have been playing up, literally UP, its just gone midnight and I can’t sleep and I feel like crap because the last 12 hours have been like pushing shit up hill (never really understood what that means)…I have just tested my blood sugars for probably the 10th time this afternoon and its 15.2, after taking a big dose of insulin 2 hours ago for a level of 17.5. But my friend T1D has PMS at the moment and is rebelling against my every effort to bring it down…if it wasn’t for the fact I am down south ready for an awesome weekend of mountain biking and catching up with my best mate, I would be very upset…so instead I am going to watch crappy midnight TV, drink copious amounts of water and test my blood sugars every hour until its back to normal.

Have a good sleep 💤😃