Everything thats goes up must come down..

I had some awesome mountain biking today through some great tracks and hills, gotta go up those hills to come down the good tracks…what an effort getting to that point though.

All night I had really high blood sugars which I could not get down, finally this morning they were down to single digits..1 hour after breakfast up we go again, once again my blood sugars were climbing that hill, more than likely looking for that sweet downhill ride..

I pulled it down to having too much scar tissue at my infusion site making the insulin harder to be absorbed…stuff the pump, I used my injections instead which are a lot harder to control because unlike the pump you have one injection which lasts you 24hrs, making you plan your day at that point of time…anywho, half way through the mountain biking we stopped to admire the awesome view of the beach, I tested my sugars while we were there and what do you know, low blood sugar reading, only 3.2, I over corrected a little on glucose knowing that I would still be exercising…another half hour of riding and we stopped at the local bakery for a pie and a sit down, I tested again but this time I got a reading of 1.9…WTF??? I should not be conscious at that level, but thankfully I was.

Once again I corrected and after a short rest we headed home, by this time I was knackered, 5 hours sleep and a rollercoaster of blood sugars wipes you out like you wouldn’t believe…few hours later and I feel worse because they are up again looking to score that sweet downhill ride (17.8), so its true…what goes up must come down, but clearly what goes down must go up??

Blood sugar wise, today has been a right off so I am giving up on today and hoping for a better start tommorow.