To Paleo or not to Paleo

I am sitting here at the airport awaiting my plane to head to work, contemplating a life on a Paleolithic diet…funny enough I am actually eating red rooster while I wait (don’t tell the dietitian).
I have been doing some research into the Paleo way of living and I can see the benefits for non diabetics, there is however limited info on Athletic Diabetics on Paleo…so me and my moody friend (T1D) and my lovely wife are going to give it a stab.
I am hoping for a cleaner diet and a reduced dosage of daily insulin which in turn should help control my blood sugar levels a bit more whilst burning off a bit more fat and reduce my Hba1C level (for the uneducated: that is your 3 month overall blood glucose control indicative blood test), oh yeah and try to control my ‘Friends’ moody swings.
There is a lot of information out there on the Paleo diet but it all comes down to eating lean and eating natural…this means no more jelly beans and lollies for low blood sugars…MOTIVATION!
Wish me luck
I will keep you updated on the process.