The T1D Roller coaster is temp out of service…

I have returned home from a short week away for work, my last post was about going on the Paleo way of eating and in that week away I started eating like a caveman.

I am happy to say that the ups and downs of the T1D blood sugar roller coaster and mood swings of my friend T1D have been subdued! My blood sugars have been in the normal range all week, apart from once where it went to 2.2 mmol (mood swing??). I am feeling great, I am not sure whether this is a placebo affect or I am actually feeling different, all I know is that I am enjoying what I am eating, I do not feel hungry, my blood sugars are behaving and my insulin dosage has nearly halved and you know what?? The food is actually really tasty.

I am actually starting a new blog to coincide with the Paleo diet, you can read it here ->, I have been taking photos of what I have been eating and will give you notes on Blood Sugar Levels and general health etc. (if your interested)

So it seems to be working for me, I do however get that ketone feeling in the morning sometimes, but blood sugar levels are fine.

Word of warning with this type of eating…keep a toilet near by in the morning, OMG!! 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I know this is not going to eliminate the need for insulin and cure me…but its the closest thing to a ‘normal’ life at the moment.

Next stage is back into the cycling with the diet…