Tester Tantrums…

Over the years it has been known that my temper can get out of control at times of stress, it is a lot better than what it was when I was a child / teen, I have put many a hole in doors at home from kicking a door open…thinking about that actually I made a hole in a door last year as an adult from a temper ‘tantrum’ as my wife calls it 🙂 .

I read a very interesting blog this morning about the lack of mental and psychological support for T1D and its true, this is a life threatening disease which if not handled correctly on a consistent basis will be fatal…and you know what?? It is mentally and physically draining and this is not addressed professionally.

Anyway, my story today is about ‘Tester Tantrums’ from T1D, I laugh about it now but they come with a cost…

I thought about writing this story when I looked down at my blood sugar tester (aka my tester) after pricking my finger to draw blood for testing for the 8th time that day. What triggered my memory about the last ‘Temper Tantrum’ was the cracking of the LCD screen all around the outside of my tester, as I have a chuckle to myself about how this particular tester defeated my tantrum I must tell you that in the 15 years of living with my friend T1D I have lost count of how many testers I have had and probably just under half of these have been destroyed in one of my tester tantrums.

So this is a typical day that causes a tester tantrum…I wake up in the middle of the night low or high, I correct the level with either Glucose (low blood sugar) or with insulin (high blood sugar), 30 min – 2 hours later I get up and test again to make sure it has corrected, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t…I will wake the next morning sleep deprived and all ready cranky, test my sugar level and it would be high or low again due to over/under correcting or some other random thing my body decided to throw at me during the night (coward likes to kick me when I am asleep), this roller coaster goes on over the day because I still have to go to work and I still have to eat and do all the normal daily things, by the time it gets to the afternoon my blood sugars over the day look like the green lantern ride at movie world and I am even more cranky and tired than the morning.

I reluctantly test again and what do you know, its high again!!! This time my reaction is to either Hulk Smash the tester or throw it across the room at the wall… BAM CRASH SMASH, bits of tester and test strips go everywhere, now I am left with no tester and a big mess and I don’t feel better, at least I don’t have to look at that bloody thing giving me crap readings any more (short lived).

So back to my current tester, same situation of the day and same Hulk Smash, but lo and behold no impact??? So again I Hulk Smash and throw but it doesn’t break, just has a little crack in the screen, my tester tantrum has been defeated and I now know it is pointless with this one, so I use it all the time to avoid another tester tantrum.

Hulk proof tester, well done brand named tester which I got for free!