Even life support needs life support..

On my regular 52km work commute in (cycling) yesterday, I came across an alarming problem and when I say alarming I mean my Insulin Pump (life support) was screaming at me from inside my cycling jerseys rear pocket… I had a hunch what it was carrying on about, as I remember looking down at the pump that morning and seeing one bar of battery life left, however as I had already slept in and was going to be late if I didn’t get my ass into gear, I forgot to take a battery with me (found out I didn’t have any left at home anyway) to change when the pump went of its nut.


Anyway, I was probably just over half way through my commute and there goes that all too familiar alarm sound, CRAP I said to myself…now the commute runs along a range of different paths which lead into the city and run along side the freeway and for most of it I have no idea where I am or what shops/fuel stations/corner stores are about making it difficult for me to turn off somewhere to re-energise my life support (buy new batteries).

After a few more km’s I had made the decision to stretch it out until I got to work as I knew there was a servo right around the corner and the insulin pump should last on the smell of an oily rag until then…

Now you might be thinking, why would you risk not changing batteries in something that keeps you alive??? Well if you read my post yesterday about Diabetic Algebra you would have picked up that exercise is factored into a dose of insulin and as I was pumping my legs at 90 rpm with my heart thumping at 160 bpm taking me around 35 – 40 km p/hr, I made the call that there was no way I was going to go high if the pump decided to die, luckily I was right (yay me!!)

I arrived at said Servo with what must have been a tiny drop of power left in the battery, after paying for the expensive and way over priced 4 pack of AAA batteries ($17.99 AUD), I reloaded the pump and continued around the corner to work with no dramas (phew).

There is something about the way the alarm on these things are designed that no matter what situation you can always hear it, I have been fast asleep (at night, not a day time nanna nap) and have had it go off, waking me up straight away (I reckon there is some subconscious frequency built into the alarm).

Worst of all, I go through one AAA battery every week, but then again it is keeping me alive so I should stop complaining and just make sure I have a stock of batteries.