Don’t believe all the hype

If you have been following along with my blog, I have to apologise because I may have led you to believe that living with type 1 Diabetes isn’t that bad and although there are some crap times, for the most part it is fairies and rainbows…sorry if I led you on, the fact of the matter is, this disease hurts, physically, mentally and financially, not just for those with T1D but families as well…I just paint a pretty picture to make everyone else feel better about it and give encouragement.

When it all comes down to it, no matter how much exercise and how much effort I put into ‘controlling’ my blood sugars there is still a good change that I am going to get some sort of Diabetes complication(s), whether it be nerve damage, retina damage, internal organ damage or simply a shortened life span (that last one comes free with all purchases) .

I met a wonderful couple a few years ago whilst participating in the ride to cure diabetes, at the dinner on the Friday night they told me about their 6 year old girl who was recently diagnosed with T1D, wow what a challenge for them having to manage what I manage but for a 6 year old who has no idea what is going on with her body a couple of years on and her Dad still tells me he attends to her in the night to make sure her blood sugars are doing what they should be doing.

On that dinner night, I gave a small bit of advice, I said don’t be hard on her, this disease is hard to manage, giving her a little slack will hold back rebelling against it when she gets older, I am glad to know that this advice was listened to and is still used.

Its not all bad though because there have been remarkable developments in the treatment for Type 1 Diabetes, I mean look at the insulin pump, yeah it shits me to tears sometimes but life would be so much harder and uncontrolled without it…and the research team are so close to curing this disease which is great news for young T1D’s and their parents, I can’t imagine the heart ache they must go through.

Anyway, research into curing requires money of course, so the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Australia has been running the Ride to Cure Diabetes for what will be 12 years in 2016 and each year 100’s of riders and supporters register and fund-raise amazing amounts towards research for a cure.


I will be riding for the 2016 Ride to Cure Diabetes and my personal goal is to raise $10,000, which is a lot of money BUT can you imagine a world without Type 1 Diabetes??? probably not, I can thou and it would be glorious, children can grow up living a ‘normal’ life and not have to worry about learning University level Physiology at the age of 6!

I hope that I can count on you great people for support when it comes time.

Right I am off to finish my ride, I have been sitting here at the coffee shop in my sweaty lycra fiddling with my…phone for an awkwardly long time, so I best be off…