The Hangover…

I am sure the majority of us have experienced it, that morning after – when you wake up with a smashing head ache, the unknown gross sodium taste in your mouth and that feeling of shame about your actions the night before…urrrgg

I have had as many alcohol induced hangovers in my life as I have fingers on one hand, these are not the hangovers I am talking about, my hangovers are mix of sugar, carbohydrate and insulin induced and not intentional either.

My shameful night usually starts somewhere in the middle of the night when I am not watching blood sugar readings or keeping on top of insulin intake, mainly because I am to distracted by SLEEP! It usually starts with me waking my self up with shallow rapid breathing, laying in a pool of my own sweat and feeling like I am going to die…I rush to the kitchen and fumble around with my blood sugar tester and its associated hardware to test, big surprise I am low but I already knew that (need to know how low in order to correct properly).

Here in lies the problem with correcting your own blood sugar, not only does my body want to shut down because of a lack of glucose in the body but also my brain wants to shut down cause it has no glucose to function.

I get into the cupboard and take a handful of lollies to quickly shoot up the blood sugar levels and I know I shouldn’t have any more until I test again in 15 minutes…3 minutes later I feel like if I don’t have more I am going to collapse on the floor…in goes another handful and another and another; STOP!!! says my sub concious, yeah thanks for that – bit late!

Next comes the carbs to stabilise the blood sugar after its gone up, but my gawd am I hungry (side effect of low blood sugar), no horses to eat in the cupboard so I devour anything and everything I can get my hands on, this goes on for another 20 or so minutes.

Your system has just rebooted from a critical update (of glucose), oh wow did I just eat all of that??? Shit I better estimate how much insulin to take for all the over eating I just did…ha good luck with that!

I stay up for another 45 mins to an hour to make sure nothing drastic is happening and to make sure my blood sugar doesn’t drop again…no, all good time to go back to sleep (whilst buzzing on sugar!)

90% of the time, the next morning I am super high and not the good kind and I feel like I have been drinking all night and so begins the rollercoaster…

My lovely wife and I came up with a ‘solution’, we would portion control lollies into 15g (sugar) bags with 15g of low GI carbs so I wont over eat, well that idea lasted all of 5 minutes, because I just devoured multiple portion bags instead…your hopeless she says to me 🙂

Next week I am going to start going to SHA meetings (Sugar High Anonymous)