When the wheels fall off

Wow, what a rickety old cart my life has been the last couple of weeks, I started this Paleo diet with great intentions and I got on the strong Jarrah wood wagon, I was powering through it with my head high and feeling good about the changes…then lots of life obstacles and disappointments started popping up everywhere, now the short term future is looking unstable and this is stressing me out to the max, so much so my stable Jarrah Wagon turned into one of those little crappy wood pallet go carts you made when you were a wee lad, that didn’t last long cause the wheels soon fell off and my will power turned to shit, didn’t help that my wife was away for the weekend because usually she is there to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Down that hill my little go cart went, off went the rear left wheel swerving me off the good path and into all that deadly (yummy) stress food, that didn’t help with the other wheels because I just put on that 3.5kg I lost since starting the Paleo diet, the other wheel came off and I crashed into a sleepless depressive state…

I managed to spend some time with my son, watching movies, playing arcade games and going to the park to play football/soccer/rugby/wrestling all with a soft football in one afternoon, this helped me out of my state but soon enough I was brought back down, this time because of another kinking problem (not kinky)…

As my son sat watching me play army games on the computer, he suggested we go outside and kick the ball, so I turned off the game and stood up…my legs felt like concrete blocks and I suddenly got that acetone smell (ketones), urgg I felt instantly sick, I was high (blood sugar). Guessing what my blood sugar may be or more importantly what I wanted it to be, the numbers came up – 20.7 mmol.


F^&* sake, (no tester tantrum though cause it was the indestructible tester), the only obvious reason for this to be so high was a lack of insulin, meaning the tiny little 13 mm cannula under my skin was bent at the end…ripping it off and inspecting it my suspicions were correct, so I decided to take a break from Diabetes for a while.


YEAH RIGHT!! , I just took a break from the pump and went back to injections through syringe instead..at least I know the insulin is going in.

I have since got back on the straight and narrow thanks to the presence of my wife and the wise words from friends and family.

On a positive, I saw my GP on Thursday for a routine check up, he gave me the thumbs up for safety on the Paleo diet and I got my blood test results back – HbA1C = 7.0% EXCELLENT!!

HbA1C is a measure of glucose on your blood cells and a healthy non diabetic is around 6.5% and Type 1 Diabetics need to keep theirs between 6.5% – 7.0% in order to avoid long term complications, so yay me!

So I am looking at the future and all the changes that are coming as a positive, giving me the chance to take on a new adventure.