Its all the little things..

I saw a great post the other day about the little things that make up life with T1D that other people do not see (#IWishPeopleKnewThatDiabetes – ) then today on my way to an acupuncture appointment while I adjusted my insulin infusion rate for the duration of the appointment, I thought to myself…There is a little thing I do to control me Diabetes friend that no one would see.

I want to share with you a few of the little things I have to do and why, to be able to control my T1D…

You might be asking, Why did I adjust my infusion rate for my acupuncture appointment??, well for the appointment I would be laying there on the table looking like a bloody pin cushion and would you want to have to move around to test or fix a low blood sugar if one was to occur? I have trouble just lifting my arm to scratch an itch on my face (which I had to do today) when your arm is full of needles.

My management is to reduce my insulin rate 20 minutes before the appointment and during the appointment, this way I know that if for some silly reason my body decides to drop in blood sugar, then I wont have as much insulin on board for it to go low enough to cause issues…seems to work so I stick with it.

On that, I have a story…The year before last I had some minor surgery booked in where I would be under General anaesthetic for a couple of hours, OMG I was stressing out and not because of the surgery but because I was worried that during I might go hypoglycaemic (severe low blood sugar) and no one would notice, leaving me to go into a state where I may not ever wake up…then on the other hand I did not want to turn my insulin down too much and have a really high blood sugar to wake up too.

short acting
Insulin Distribution over 10 hours

Obviously because I am here ‘talking’ to you I managed to adjust correctly, but it still freaked me out.

Standing in line at a cafe or a restaurant, the person serving may think I am rude because I ask for an ETA on the food, I don’t do this just because I am hungry, I do it to estimate when I need to take my dose of insulin for the food that will be served (which is also a guess because I haven’t seen the quantity of food yet), why not take it when the food arrives? Good question little Jimmy, well you see insulin takes 20 minutes to activate after infusion, therefore its best practice to inject 20 minutes prior to ensure blood sugars do not rise rapidly when you start eating.



You may not notice me ducking off at dinner parties every half an hour to check on my blood sugars and take insulin…all that yummy finger food has carbohydrates in it and good luck trying to guess what amount there is in them as you pick for hours, I duck off to make sure I haven’t had too much or too little insulin as I would hate to be the clown of the party if I was to go low in front of everyone.



I get the piss taken sometimes when I fly away for work or short trips of like a week or less and I take with me a whole suitcase, what you dont see is for a 3 day trip I have at least a weeks worth of Insulin (both vials and pen injection), Blood Testing Strips, Infusion sets, Syringes, Alcohol Swabs, Ketone Test Strips, Emergency Lollies and spare Batteries. Why a week for 3 days? Well what if the plane has an unexpected stop over or is delayed or takes me to the wrong destination or I get stranded on a tropical island.



At work people used to wonder why I was so protective of my food, it wasn’t that I didn’t like sharing or that I am addicted to food…if I have food out ready to eat, then you can pretty much guess that I have already taken a dose of insulin to counter balance the carbs in the food and by taking my food away you are forcing me into a state where I will go low or eat something else with the same amount of carbs that is close to hand.



I get annoyed and I know other Diabetics do too when Type 1 Diabetes is grouped together with the same causes and controls of Type 2 and people look at me like so you used to be overweight? Did you eat too much sugar and is that why you exercise a lot now? I know its because the world is uneducated about the diseases but my pancreas doesn’t work that’s why I need insulin and no amount of exercise and healthy eating is going to bring it back to life!

Sometimes I give myself the day off from Diabetes, well sort of…I still eat properly and bolus but I don’t check my blood sugar or even think about it until the end of the day, makes the day feel less stressful, unfortunately it is still there waiting for me at the end of the day.

So basically there are only a few of the little things that make up life with T1D…educate yourselves and do a twitter/google search for the hastag