Marvel presents: The Human Pincushion

People often ask me, “…how often do you test your blood sugar?”, I usually answer “around 4 or 5 times a day”, well according to my finger tips, its a lot more than that.

Realistically its between 8 and 10 times a day, that doesn’t include the blanks I fire every now and then. For you gutter minded people, that’s when you prick your finger and you only get half the 5ml of blood you need for a test to work, so you have to ‘stab’ again and sometimes again.

So to give you an idea of when I am prompted to test, these are the things I think of;

– Going to do exercise in an hour – TEST!

– Ready to do exercise – TEST!

– About to drive a motor vehicle – TEST!

– Feeling a bit odd – TEST!

– Wake up – TEST!

– Going to bed, before I brush my teeth…so many times I have brushed my teeth then tested and its low, urrgg eat sugar then brush my teeth again. If you have ever eating lollies after brushing its like having sour milk…oh yeah – TEST!

– Getting ready to eat a meal – TEST!

– Sick with cold/flu/gastro etc (when your sick, your blood sugar goes crazy!)- TEST! TEST! TEST! TEST! TEST! TEST!

You get the picture, if not check out my finger tips…

photo (1)

It is a horrible thing to do, especially when you hit a sensitive spot cause that sharp pain lasts for days and you can guarantee you wont be using it again for a while.

Last year I started using a new technology called Continuous Glucose Monitoring or CGM, the one I used was called Dexcom from AMSL, fantastic tech! This technology monitors your glucose every 5 minutes via a little platinum sensor strip injected under your skin (yep something else to inject!), this is attached to a transmitter which transmits to a little device that looks like a smart phone, only this smart phone shows you real time glucose levels as well as trends…it even detects when you are going low or high and gives you an alarm to warn you before it happens.


I got this technology to help track glucose levels during exercise, great for analysing how exercise and the food/liquid you consume affects it, best thing is you upload it to the dexcom website to view and analyze deeper.

So why am I telling you this? Well since going on Paleo, I have seen weird things happen with my blood glucose, even when no carbs are eaten, so in order to better control my life I have decided to invest in the technology again and when I say invest, its not cheap but the control you get from this technology is amazing, not only that but it has saved me from going into severe low blood sugars a few times and that is worth its weight in gold (then again it doesn’t weigh much).

If anyone has used CGM before and didnt like it because of the short length of time they could use it before it falls off or fails, then you should try Dexcom, its only approved for 7 days use per sensor, however with proper care and hygiene I managed to keep it on for 52 days!

Wish me luck!

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