Time to leave the past in the past!

I have been participating in the Sixth Annual Diabetes blog this week called #DBlogWeek, well done to Karen by the way for setting it up also great to see the points of view of so many other Type 1 bloggers, todays topic is cleaning it out, scary! Not because I suck at cleaning and keeping my side of the bedroom tidy but for what I have held onto in the past which I constantly kick myself about.


However it is time to leave the past behind and move on…

After I left school I started a childcare qualification at TAFE, for some crazy reason at that point in my life I loved working with kids, well that soon wore off and I was looking for the next step, I looked to the Australian Defence Force for answers, when I was 16 I applied for the Army and got knocked back at the psychiatric phase, apparently I wasn’t crazy enough?? Go figure.

Anyway, the phone call came with the knock back from the army and they also said the medical team found something in my blood test results that needed to be looked at by my GP, being young and just getting knocked back from becoming a soldier in the army I ignored it and looked for the next thing…just under a year later I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, could this be a coincidence or just a random occurrence, had I followed up with my GP and got results of the blood test could something have been found which would have prevented my pancreas from shitting itself?

Who knows, I certainly don’t, but it has played on my mind for 15 years and I get that sickly feeling in the pit of my stomach when I think about it.

But that is in the past, so that is where it is going to stay, I forgive me for not following up on those blood test results, now we can forget and move on…