Make your own fate!

Its not for everyone I agree, some people are content with accepting what is put before them and just going with it, me on the other hand, I am a leader and like to make my own goals and targets…same goes for T1D.

For a long time I have been keen to try new things when it comes to managing the constant mood swings of my friend T1D, somethings don’t work are just fads but then you come across things that work well and you use that knowledge as you move along to the next thing and slowly you improve.

So this is me making my own fate, trying new things and taking it on the chin when it doesn’t work but jumping for joy when it does.

I met a fellow T1D last week who is an awesome person doing great things for other T1Ds and families of T1Ds and what a wealth of knowledge she posses… So I found some data in that big squishy thing inside my skull and pushed it out to make space for some of this new knowledge and I have a better outlook for my Diabetic life.

I discovered Dr Bernstein and his research, to cut it short he is a Type 1 and has been for 69 years, he is now 81 and as healthy as a Type 1 can be, I have been amazed at the different perspectives he has shown me through his writings.


I am no preacher and am certainly not here to show you the light to the good path or any rubbish like that, but I would like to show you the results so far of my experience with his recommended way of eating and living and as some people have asked to see results.

I have not mastered it yet but these are the results I am getting from the last few days;



I had a problem with my infusion set which is why the levels jumped up from 4pm





I nearly lost hope in the foods, thinking I had stuffed it all up after a great day but turns out the infusion syringe had dislodged and I wasn’t receiving any insulin, that’s why my blood sugar jumped up.

I have even noticed my long distance vision improving, so gotta be good right?

We can accept what we are told but in the end humans make those recommendations and humans make mistakes so test these things for your self and make up your own mind…