My so called ‘friend’ has stabbed me in the back!

So here I was thinking me and my ‘friend’ T1D were getting along okay, yes we have our dummy spits at each other now and again and he is very stubborn most of the time, but more or less we work together to make our lives good…so I thought

The couple of weeks I have been made more aware that I have been loosing feeling in my feet, particularly my left foot and aching/numbness in my hands, knowing that 60% of Diabetics get Diabetic Neuropathy (damaged nerve endings from high blood sugars) has always been motivation to try my best to control blood sugars as much as possible, however it seems that my friend decided he would keep this one to himself until I discovered it myself!

I have started riding motorcycles again after 5 years off them and the vibration of the motorbike has brought the Neuropathy to the surface for all too see.

The medical profession says that Diabetic Neuropathy is irreversible, although I am pretty devastated about the progress of this complication, I have some hope in the fact that this Low Carb, High Protein, Paleo diet that has allowed me to have consistently stable blood sugars in a non diabetic range throughout the day will not only stop the Neuropathy but also reverse it, heres hoping.

I just hope I can share my new found knowledge with other T1Ds and families to prevent complications.


Well I have had my little cry but I have put the armour back on and I am running out on the battlefield ready to fight back!!

So it seems T1D has won this battle but I can still win the war!