Back in the saddle

Its been nearly 20 days since I hoped on the pushy and went for a ride, not because of the cold weather I enjoy cycling in the freezing cold…NOT!

If you have been reading my blogs you would know that I have changed the way I eat in order to stabilise blood sugars and prevent diabetes complications, its been working well. I have been a bit fearful of going cycling with this new eating plan as I am used to downing carbs to keep my energy source thriving during intense cycling.

This morning I was walking around feeling the tingling in my feet from what seems to be Diabetic Neuropathy saying hello, I have had enough of it so I decided today was a good day to test out my new eating plan with some cycling exercise and hopefully the cycling will get some blood flowing around my legs to get rid of this damn tingling.


My MAMIL gear is on and I am all set, blood sugar was around 6mmol, I turn my basal rate down to 80% just in case as I am not sure how my body is going to respond to the exercise…heading out down the road, the legs feel tight, probably a mixture of the cold and the time off the bike.


12kms in and I have been going like I normally do, all or nothing, keeping good pace, heart rate is 10-15bpm higher than normal, I have checked my Dexcom probably 10 times now, still holding steady around 5.5mmol, when suddenly I start feeling dizzy and light headed, my breathing starts to be rapid and shallow and I can’t quite focus my eyes ahead…oh no this is what I have feared I am going low, my heart rate is rising and I feel so ill, it must be dropping rapidly, how did I miss this????

I check Dexcom…5.5mmol, same as it was 5 minutes ago, stopped on the side of the road I put my head on the handlebars and slow my breathing trying to regain composure, had I just worked my self into a state of panic? The fear of going low and destroying the great work I had been doing with my blood sugars had obviously overwhelmed me…


I have regained my self and push on, trying to breathe a bit deeper and not so rapidly, still checking my Dexcom every 5 minutes to make sure blood sugars were doing the right thing..still stable (i have been taking small sips of gatorade every 10 or so minutes along with water), have I worked myself up about this too much? We will see when I get to the other end.


23km and I am at my turn around point, sitting down and admiring the ocean and the marina in Two Rocks, I grab out my food and the Dexcom, checking Dexcom I suddenly start to panic again…my Paleo Chocolate brownie is not longer whole!!! its not a Paleo Chocolate smash!!!!!,

Oh yeah Dexcom, blood sugar is 6.1mmol!!!

Dexcom showing stable blood sugar and sitting at 6.1mmol after 23km of cycling
6.1mmol and stable!

I am so relieved, downing my brownie smash, a handful of cashews and some water, I set off home, still great pace and funny enough my heart rate has lost that extra 10bpm, clearly I was stressing myself out on the way there.

The first time I check Dexcom on the way home, I notice it hasn’t received a signal since I left Two Rocks, so I have not readings all the way home, so I tune into my feelings and monitor myself all the way home.

48km on the clock and I am home, feeling good, I quickly do a finger prick test and it comes out at 4.9mmol, fantastic, I survived and 15 minutes later Dexcom comes back online, I can only assume that maybe my Garmin signal interrupted it while I was riding?

At the time of writing this blog it has been 4 hours since I returned from my ride and my blood sugar is still stable at 5mmol and has only moved .5mmol over that time, not only that but I have no tingling in my feet or hands.

Could be onto something here….