Its a miracle!!!

No there isn’t a cure released to the public for Type 1 yet, sorry.

However in the meantime I have made a personal discovery when it comes to exercise, a few other people around the world have also discovered this, although the results are inconclusive I am still impressed at what I found yesterday and with some more experimenting I think I can get my blood sugars stable during endurance cycling exercise.

So I survived the night before after the unexplained high blood sugar, waking up every couple of hours to make sure they were behaving, although I woke up with a blood sugar of 7.5mmol which could be better but at least it wasn’t low.

If you read my blog on the 29th (stuck in the rut) you would have seen that I talked my self into going on a 100km cycle yesterday, first up I have to say it felt fairly easy in comparison to other rides. I ended up doing 105km but had to pull out and get a lift back…this was an experiment to see if the low carb high protein diet would prove successful in keeping blood sugars in check without carbs for fuel.

Here is the thing, I didn’t pull out because of my T1D but because the damn crank came loose again and just about fell off at the 93 km mark, determined to complete the century target I set out for myself I continued on, being very careful how I rotated the crank to ensure it didn’t wiggle off, should that not of happened it would have been about 120kms and I could have gone more!! But hey I’m happy I achieve my goal.

Click here to see my Strava recording of the ride

So my day went like this…

530am – I got up to get ready for a 635am start, packing my jersey and contemplating whether to put on the thermals (it was 9 degrees), I am glad I did cause my legs and arms would have frosted over. I also set a temporary insulin basal rate on my pump to 80% of normal. I had a hard boiled egg, a sandwich bag of cashews and walnuts, a litre of gatorade and a litre of water with magnesium powder in (to stop cramping). Blood Sugar 7.5mmol

626am – I headed off to the meet point for the cheeky ride with the club, at this point my blood sugar was 8.1mmol, I didn’t mind as my normal way of training is to start higher and it will work itself down with exercise.

635am – The group headed off, legs were moving and I felt good. Keeping good pace we met up with the next group at the second meet point at 7am, I pulled out Dexcom and blood sugar was now 9mmol, interesting…

705am – We take off to complete the ride. Again feeling good and the legs were moving like a steam train.

725am – I hear Dexcom screaming at me with the high blood sugar alarm which is set at 10mmol, this is really weird, why was I still going up, normally I would be using glucose to keep it from going low but this time it was doing that itself, just a little too much!

732am – We arrive at Dome in Mullaloo for a coffee break, usually we sit and chat then head home but I was going on to get my century experiment. I was lucky enough to get shouted a coffee (Thanks Marcus) and had a short macchiato, so basically black. Dexcom had decided to stop recieving by this time, clearly Dexcom and my Garmin cycling computer can not share the airwaves and therefore Dexcom lost out, back to manual finger prick testing. 13.8mmol! What the hell is going on??

813am – It was freezing cold sitting at Dome even with the thermals on, so I got up and offered for anyone to come with me to Fremantle but not takers, too cold or some other excuses, really I knew it was the cold hahaha 🙂 So I refilled my water bottle and headed off down the coastal road, looking forward to getting the century, on the way making plans about how I might have to do a loop around the river to get the kms up, I am glad I didn’t because there and back was 100km easy.

856am – I stop an check blood sugars now it was 14.2mmol, so again it has gone up, not wanting to have ketones from the low carb and high blood sugar (potentially fatal mix) I decided to give a bolus of insulin, I decided 1.2u should be sufficient as that would bring me down 3mmol, which is still higher but safe and will avoid a deadly hypo while I am riding.

927am – Stop again at Fremnatle and test 11.0mmol, what a guess, enjoying the awesome scenery I chilled out for a few minutes.

photo (4)

957am -I had gone down the road from where I had stopped and came across a servo so I stopped again and tested 11.0mmol, so happy my ratio was correct. I purchased 2 bottles of water and a coke zero (for the salt) and stoodout the front eating my egg and nuts watching as a nice trucker trucker attempted to unlock a car with a coat hanger because a group of tourists had locked their keys in it. 15 minutes and it was open, everyone was happy and hugging the trucker, good job mate, time for me to make a break and head home.

The ride was going awesome, I had not felt like I had no energy yet, I even kept up with what seemed to be an A grade racer, he was flogging it but eventually he was just too fast so I pulled back.

1056am – I had a massive feeling of sickness and dizziness come over me, oh man this doesn’t feel good, I quickly pull over sit down and test, 4.3mmol, not low but to go from 11 to 4.3 in an hr could indicate its falling quickly and as my dexcom was not working I couldn’t tell. I downed some gatorade and a couple of glucose tablets, still feeling sick as I tried not to bring it back up, oh man I feel like death, time for action…I look up at the cross street and text my wife…


Feeling better after 10 minutes I took off, downing more gatorade and a couple more glucose tablets, at this point I also had my pump on suspend so no insulin was delivered.

94km, I look down and my crank has worked itself just about off!! NOOOOOOO, there was no way I was going to let this stop me from my goal, so I continued on for another 6km and then txt my wife to pick me up from Dome in Currambine as there were some hills in the rest of the ride home which my crank would not survive.

1136am – Sitting down on the grass at the park I wait for my wife, test – 3.2mmol, oh man!! More glucose, only this time I had nuts with it which was my down fall, the fat in the nuts prevented the glucose from going into blood stream straight away, leading to an epic 3 hour low blood sugar, the whole afternoon was a daze for me, glucose after glucose was put in and no effect.

Eventually it went back up just in time for dinner at Hogs Breath, man that was a good steak!

So all though there were definitely some positives to this experiment I can not say for sure it worked as there were too many variables, once I get the damn crank fixed it will be round 2.

P.S. no lows during the night and woke today at 7.6mmol, for once no delayed lows from exercise.