Prime Real estate!

Live to bike

I have access to the most prime real estate, so much so that this area is constantly under demand… So I made the decision long ago to only rent out parts of this area for short periods to ensure no one misses out.

Unfortunately for me, I don’t make any money out of this, in fact it costs me money!!

My prime real estate is located on my er rump, that’s right my butt, my tuchus, my rear end, my gluteus maximus, my caboose, my a…well you get the idea.

Who are these people I speak of wanting my rump?? Well as always there is a story behind it (pun intended)…

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I have been using a device called a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor), the device basically sits on an area of your body, mine being my keister as this is pretty much the only place with enough fat and is suitable for the device, it is a great little device that tell me my blood sugar readings every 5 minutes and creates a trend line to show me what my blood sugars are doing all day, if you are a Type 1 Diabetic without a CGM then you are unfortunately behind the times with diabetes micro management.


Anyway, having the CGM on me for long periods of time, say 35 days (my last sensor) creates a bit of a real estate issue, you see I also have to have my insulin infusion set stuck on my tuckus as well but this only stays on for 3 days or you start to get inflammation and subcutaneous tissue scarring, fine that’s easy enough, however there has to be 7cm distance between the CGM sensor and your infusion set because CGM doesn’t know how to share…too close and the CGM will give you false readings, so picture a 14cm diameter circle drawn on your duff, it does not leave much room.


When I can, I use my abdomen, but I don’t have enough fat there and it gets irritated very easy, leaving the prime real estate to my arse.

So in the early hours of this morning (2am-5am) my CGM was giving me false low blood sugar readings and sending out a god awful alarm, when you are actually low this alarm is a god send but when you are getting false alarms every 30 minutes when you are supposed to be snuggled up in bed, it gets bloody annoying.

I had been contemplating removing the CGM sensor all week as for 35 days it had done its job, considering they are only approved in Australia for 7 day wear, 35 days its pretty good…this morning tipped it over the edge, at 5am I had enough, so I turned off the CGM and went back to sleep.

This morning I pulled that sensor and its intrusive platinum strip from my cheek and replaced it with a new infusion set, your rental time was up buddy, time for someone else to move in!

The CGM has given me a lot of data over that 35 days helping me to me micro manage my moody T1D friend, time for a break from watching the little screen and listening to the alarms because it does wear you out some what, so for now I will stick with the good old finger prick tests.

Next week will be my first unemployed week in 16 years so I am looking forward to placing my can on the my bike and racking up those kilometres!

Live to bike