Finding that distraction

So its been way too long since I published anything on my blog, I have very distracted.

Im not sure if its because of the my now unemployment status or that my T1D Management seems to be unmanageable but I have been feeling like I am spiralling out of control of my life and it has been brining me down mentally…it all came to a head last night for me, when I grilled my teenage daughter about her grades at school, I did not approach it the way I should and was totally out of line, I lay awake thinking about it and what I could do to turn this monster around.

The day did not go well, I had 4 hours of high blood sugars and I pretty much ate no carbohydrate for breakie, the only thing I could put it down to was a delayed dumping of insulin and secretion of glucose from the liver or in layman’s terms Dawn Phenomenon.


First thing I did this morning was put my homer slippers and dressing gown on (cause it was 3 degrees!!) and go give me daughter a hug in bed and apologise for my behaviour last night, I told her I was not coping very well with my Diabetes at the moment and unfortunately I vented through her, she understood and we are friends again, I hope.

Anyway, I have found out why I have been feeling the way I have, T1D has been with me for over 15 years now, so why the sudden change???

  • I have been working full time with long hours since my diagnosis – Major Distraction from T1D
  • Its cold outside so I have not been cycling the 200km a week I used too – Major Distraction from T1D
  • As I do not have a job I have not been cycling the 50km to work – Major Distraction from T1D
  • Since moving back to Perth I have not been studying Taekwondo which took up 4 hours per week – Major Distraction from T1D

So the theme is fairly common I think, I now have no distractions from T1D so of course that is what is on my mind all the time… I did however have a project which kept me occupied and distracted from T1D the last couple of weeks, I built an indoor cycle roller, the point of this is to cycle inside when its cold and it provides great resistance training as well as balance practice.

image (2)

I had funny looks from my wife the whole time and I am by no means a handy man; once I tried putting up a simple DIY wall mounted washing line and failed epically!! so I was quite pleased with my self for this construction, its a bit noisy though.

If your not sure what a bike roller is, check out professional cyclist Rochelle Gilmore doing some awesome tricks on hers here or 

So the point is, I don’t need to look for things to make me happy to fix my feelings about T1D, I just need distractions, hence my blog this time of the morning, finding a distraction for the morning! Maybe distractions are what you need too if you are having similar issues.

To add some positive light to the whole situation, I just noticed while trolling through my CGM results that my blood sugars are a lot more stable since changing my eating habits to Low Carb High Protein, so there is a lift for the day!

The blue line is this month average and the red line is last months average.