The Diabetes Hunger Games

For so long people have mocked my gigantic hunger, I can eat small pantries in a single bound, loaves of bread devoured within the day along with anything else I can get my hands on.

There would be no end to my hunger, I would be able to eat and eat and eat, kids didn’t finish their dinner?? That’s okay I will finish it, left overs?? Not in my house.

As you could probably guess my eating habits are not financially healthy, mind you I still eat healthy foods, just lots of them…250g – 300g carbohydrates per day according to my insulin pump and pumping in 40 – 50 units of insulin per day, I am a machine…


Well I used to be, until I discovered what that amount of carbohydrates was doing to my body, blood sugars would go up after a meal and then plummet down 2 hours later; so long as I didn’t eat in between meals, which was actually most of the time. So my body was constantly flowing with excess insulin from all the bolusing (boost of insulin) for carbohydrates, in turn causing unstable blood sugars for the day/week/month/year, this in the long term leads to those nasty diabetes complications the media like to remind us about.

Since changing my way of eating (WOE), not only has my carbohydrate amount reduced to less than 50g per day but my insulin has also reduced significantly and you know what?? I am not that hungry eating machine I once was, why??

The all mighty insulin that keeps me ticking every day is also a hunger hormone, the more you have the bigger your eyes think your stomach is, so makes sense right? Reduce insulin, reduce hunger, don’t get me wrong all humans diabetic or not need insulin so there is no need to do something stupid like stop taking it because that will only get you a trip to the hospital.

I now enjoy a great diet of low carbohydrate with high protein, the food is better, my energy levels are heaps better and I am toning up…YAY the abs are back and I didn’t have to do any ab workouts to get them, just plain and simple better food choices along with tracking macro nutrients.

In a couple of weeks I will be going for follow up blood tests to see what this new WOE has done to the chemical make up in my body and how well my glucose control has been, hopefully all good news.

If your thinking low carb high protein might be crap food, well let me tell you what I just had for dinner;

Home made chicken parmie, used coconut flour for crumbing the chicken, topped with avocado, ham off the bone and Camembert cheese melted on top, sided with pumpkin mash, broccoli and cauliflower…man it was awesome (sorry it disappeared to quick to take photos, 14.2g carbs, 36.4g fat, 48.1g protein)

Oh Yeah!