‘Everything is awesome..’

The great thing about having kids is the fact that you can watch great animated kids movies without the judgement of others, people expect you to have seen the kids movies because you are a parent, if you are one of these parents then I am sorry if you know have the lego movie song in your head after reading the title of this blog! If you dont know what I am talking about then I am sorry for you too as you are a deprived individual!! haha

Heres the song if you need reminding, I love it and its been in my head most of the day cycling after coming up with the title this morning!

Lego Movie – Everything is awesome song

So for the past 2 weeks I have been down in the dumps because of a lot of things, but mainly because of my now unemployment status and T1D not behaving, I even got to the point the other day of thinking that I no longer like cycling as I wasn’t getting any joy out of the short rides I have been doing…

Today I woke up enthusiastic and excited, for 2 months now a friend of mine and I have been planning a ride together, as he is only off Friday and Saturday we have to ride Fridays, however every single week there seems to be some issue and lately its been the weather, so you could imagine my happiness when I read the forecast for today – Sunny, not warm but Sunny.

630am I got up, blood sugar was 4.8mmol – Awesome!, I had 2 cooked eggs, salmon, protein shake and a coffee for breakfast – Yummo!

photo (8)

I took the kids to school for an 830am start, when I got home I set off on the bike (903am) to meet my friend at hillarys boat harbour to start our ride, before setting off I checked my blood sugar again – 6.8mmol, fine no problem.

950am I arrived and had a quick yarn with doubts about the dark clouds rolling in, checked blood sugar and it was 5.2mmol – Still awesome!!! We set off down the coast, making plans on how far we would go, maybe Cottesloe maybe Fremantle, I was happy to keep going to Albany as I was feeling awesome but made my friend aware we could turn around at any point as he was not as conditioned to cycling as me (we are working on it tho arn’t we mate 😉 )

11:40am We ended up at a great Cafe in Fremantle after a few diversions due to getting lost, I ordered Lunch and sat down and tested blood sugars – 1.9mmol!!! WTF?? I feel fine and I was able to function at the counter whilst ordering lunch and walk back to the table on a shiny floor in cleats but clearly I should be fluttering on the floor.

Silently I devoured 3 glucose tablets and by the time the food came to the table I was back up to normal – 4.5mmol.

Bacon, eggs, tomato and avocado along with a Machiatto and bad helmet hair!

After about 40 minutes of awesome coffee and talking shit we set off home, hopefully without the diversions this time!

Actually there was one diversion, we stopped at the port to awe in the awesomeness of the American naval fleet that had docked at Fremantle and like tourists we stood and took photos.

Bloody Tourists
photo (7)
American Aircraft Carrier at Fremantle Port

We came across a few vocal drivers along the way home, clearly some people do not know the road rules or have any idea about sharing the road but anyway it was a nice easy ride on the way back, well for me anyway! I decided to give my mate some mental support and ride up Hepburn with him back to his place, I tested again when I got there – 3.2mmol, more glucose tablets, refill water and headed home.

25kms later I was home, bringing the total ride for me to 130km – Awesome, until I checked my blood glucose again – 1.8mmol!! Clearly I am not 100% ketogenic adapted yet as I am still burning glycogen as well as fat for energy.

So in all it was an awesome day and the most positive and best I have felt for a few weeks, clearly I still love cycling!

You did a great job today mate and thanks for the company…