Diabetic Will Power

Sun Tzu

In one fowl swoop the days battle was over, Diabetes – 1 Me – 0.

If you have ever experience low blood sugar you will remember the extreme hunger that goes with it, your body craves food mainly glucose and your brain doesn’t care where it comes from it just tells your body to take what it can to survive…

Most of the afternoon my blood sugar for some reason was dragging along at a low level, I would down a couple of glucose tablets to get it up then back down it goes, there wasn’t a point when it was above 4.0 mmol however I was able to hold off those nasty cravings for glucose as I was finishing ‘The Tournament’ by Matthew Reilly, I was stuck on the last half of the book and could not put it down so the craving were kept at bay.

Come dinner time I had managed to get my blood sugar back up, so I took my dose of insulin for dinner and enjoyed the awesome pork steaks and vegies with a mustard apple cider vinegar sauce, yummo!

Dinner was done and then my blood sugars crashed again, this time the will power went out the door and I think due to the lows all afternoon my brain was more determined to get some glucose, opening the cupboard I am presented with the shining purple packet of Cadbury milk chocolate, oh yeah it was good…only I did not eat just one bar, down went 4 bars (4 pieces per bar), thats 15,30,45…60grams of carbs, which is 1.5 days worth of carbs usually. 😦

Sun Tzu

So the battle for the day was over and I have an inkling that this war will be going on for some time, therefore I am now planning for a different battle strategy…I need a schedule of food and activities and to ensure I do not fall ill to the bad food again, set food, set activities at set times this will then help coordinate insulin doses and keep low blood sugars at bay.

Once again my ketogenic diet has to start again, this time I have faith it will work out…maybe