Glucose, it could be the difference between life or death

…slowly I could feel my senses returning, what was that feeling all over my body, it was cold and wet it ran down my back and my front as I lay there on the floor, I was drenched in my own sweat, slowly I started to get motor control back in my fingers, then I regained control of my eyes, slowly opening them I felt like I had been out partying and drinking all night…my head was spinning and my eye sight was all drowsy, sitting up trying to regain composure, I looked around me and there was my wife and my 3 children sitting around looking at me with horrified looks…

Saturday just gone was a wet and cold day, I told the little fella (my 6 year old Son) that we would go mountain biking on some awesome tracks after he finished his AusKick football game in the morning.

We got home after the game soaked and cold from the rain during footy, after a nice warm shower we decided that it was too wet and cold outside to go riding so we flicked on Netflix and watched some highlights from UCI Downhill Mountain biking Championships in Canada.

15 minutes later we were both so excited from all the awesome action of the racing we decided to go out anyway. It took us about an hour to reach the Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park and we were greeted with a fairly empty park (probably due to the rain).

So excited to get into it I did a quick once over of my gear to make sure I had everything, water, spare chain, CO2 canisters, tubes, insulin, Dexcom (CGM), glucose tablets…wait where are the glucose tablets???

My heart was racing, how could I have been so foolish and forget them, I checked every inch of the car, nothing…this is not good, with so little people around and far away from possible sources of glucose I would not be in a good place if I was to go low…luckily there was a bottle of Lipton Iced Tea in the boot that my wife had got as a freebie from work, checking the label I see 35g sugar per serving, ok sweet that will work, lets go…

As this was my sons first proper mountain biking experience I tried to take it easy with him, clearly he did not have the same idea and within 15 minutes he had launched him self off a large limestone drop off, nose diving his bike and going straight over the handle bars.


Luckily he is a pretty indestructible kid, so after a few minutes of crying he got over it and we continued on to the jumps and skills tracks.

After getting home that day and washing down all the mud of the bikes I was knackered, the little fella on the other hand was still bouncing off the balls!

Later that night around 6:30 my Dexcom (CGM) warned me that I my blood sugar was dropping fast, not extremely fast but fast enough I should get some glucose into me, according to Dexcom my blood sugar was 6.5, mmol, OK no prob I can handle that.

I was feeling a bit drunk and tired, as you do when going low, I checked my blood sugar level in the bedroom where my tester was and it was 1.5 mmol… “HOLY CRAP THIS IS NOT GOOD” I thought.

I power walked out to the kitchen to get my glucose tablets and realised when I got there that they were on the floor in the bedroom where they had fallen out of my bag the day before.

I hurried back to the bedroom but before I was even close my legs started to turn to jelly and knees buckled

“Keep going”, I thought, but it was too late, the next second I had lost control of my body

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I fell face first into the floor in the dark hall way.

At this point my wife heard the crash and came down the hall way to see what the noise was and there I was on the floor, eyes closed flat against the cold wood.

I regained some control and crawled another meter into the bedroom because I knew if I didn’t get those glucose tablets it would be bad news…I remember fumbling with the container and snapping at my wife before spilling them out on the ground and grabbing a handful.

5 tablets went in my mouth and as I swallowed the last one, I was out cold.

The next thing I remember was clutching at a massive pain in my stomach and dry reaching, then I was out again.

When I regained full control, I woke feeling embarrassed that this happened and that my kids witnessed it, its been 14 years since something like this has happened and for a few days after I was shaken up, letting my blood sugars run a little higher out of fear of going low again.


It is a timely reminder that Glucose could literally be the difference between life and death…

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