Team Work

This morning was all about team work, we put all of our bickering, fighting and arguments into the past, we shook hands and agreed to be mates, we executed our plans within reason, we worked together when it got tough and we respected each others boundaries and limits.

We had been planning to do this for a while so we had our contingencies in place, the only problem was, we were entering the unknown…

With an early bed last night, much to the disgust of my wife (9pm on a Saturday), I woke ‘fresh’ this morning at 4:30am, today I was taking T1D along on an experiment, we were going cycling through the hills, preparing for the hills of the Barossa Valley in Adelaide for the 2016 Ride To Cure Diabetes.

Only this experiment had a twist, we have been low carbing it for a couple of months now and experimenting with insulin doses and types, so today would show the results of this.

Anyway, I woke at 4:30 actually it was 4:35, I know what I am like when the alarm goes off early, I tend to turn it off in aim of getting up in a couple of minutes only to fall asleep again…this time I set my alarm at 4:30 and 4:35 and what do you know I fell asleep again after the first alarm.

I woke to a great fasting blood sugar of 4.7 mmol, I got into my cycling kit (lycra šŸ™‚ ) and whilst packing the rest of the car I had a black coffee and a couple of spoonfuls of Natural Greek Yoghurt – Yummo!

Taking my dose of short acting insulin to cover adrenaline and Dawn Phenonemon blood sugar spikes, I headed off in the car for a 6am start in Guilford with the group (41kms away).

Ready to go at Guilford with 3 others we headed for the hills, at this point I started with a blood sugar of 7.4 mmol.

The ride was great, cold but great, we climbed Greenmount hill to the top and then back down with great speed only to climb back up through Kalamunda and Mundairing Weir road, I reminded myself, we need to keep our Heart Rate at or Below 162 bpm to ensure we maintain fat burning and not carb burning, although when it came to hill climbs my Heart Rate climbed into 175 – 182.

Ride Profile

2 Hours in, we stopped for a minute to make sure everyone knew where to go next, I took this opportunity to check my blood sugar, 7.5 mmol, looking at the trend line from Dexcom I had hardly moved. I felt so excited and went to call out…

“Hey Guys my blood sugars have been stable the whole time, how awesome is that??!!”

…I then realised I was the only T1D nerd in the group and no one else would really get it so I quietly gave my self a high five.

After the 2 hour mark I go the ephoric feeling that comes with having Ketones, fabulous, my body is doing the right thing and burning fats instead of carbs, the plan is working.

View from Zig Zag, Kalamunda

There were multiple hill sprints, long slow hill climbs, speedy down hills and ‘time trial’ flats and after 2hr 40m, 74km, 1245m of climbing later we were back at the start point which conveniently happened to be a coffee shop.

Still buzzing I ordered my black coffee and sat with the boys outside, here is the test I thought, I pulled out Dexcom – 6.9 mmol, OMG the experiment worked, my blood sugar did not fluctuate more than .6 of a mmol the whole time, this is un heard of for T1D exercising!

Taking my long acting insulin dose for the day we sat around chatting about the highlights of the ride and comparing stats (the group may not have been T1D nerds but we are def cycling nerds:) ).

When I left the coffee shop at 9:30am, my blood sugar was stable at 5.8 mmol, another win!


Too top it off, when I got home my blood ketone test revealed 2.5 mmol, just as I thought, what a great result and all because I changed my diet from high carb to low carb as well as changing from a pump to long acting insulin.


Im on a high, but I dare say T1D will have some sort of mood swing later on and cause havoc, but for the moment I am celebrating success.

In January 2016 I will beĀ completingĀ the annual JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes, myself and 300Ā other cyclists do this to raise needed fundingĀ to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes and end the suffering of millions, please help me and my team by visiting our everyday hero page and pledging your support, whether it be $2 or $200, every dollar matters AND its all tax deductible!