Cumulative Burnout

A scary thing happened to me on Friday night, for the week preceding it I have been getting this stabbing pain in my left shoulder, higher than normal heart rhythms and episodes of shortness of breath, Friday night it all came to a head when I was taken away in an ambulance from my house…


I teach people about heart attacks all the time during my first aid courses and I tell people “if you feel like your having a heart attack, its best not to ignore it!”, so I had an ambulance called for me, I was struggling to breath and when I did it hurt in my chest, my resting heart rate was high and I swear I could feel abnormal heart beats, I laid patiently in bed, propped up slightly trying to calm myself waiting for the ambulance.

That day I had also been out for a long cycle, clocking up 101km, including attacking a massive hill, riding through heavy rain whilst pushing against a nasty head wind…oh and an embarrassing low speed crash whilst crossing wet and slippery tram lines in Whiteman Park.

This long ride had come with an unusually high heart rate for the whole ride, which made my body switch to burning carbs rather than the fat I have been using for fuel lately, of course this then caused me to have a massive low blood sugar which was just absolutely stubborn and ended up taking 100g of glucose to get back above 4mmol.

So back to the ambulance ride, all hooked up to the ECG I felt a bit safer, the Paramedics assured me my heart rate was not showing symptoms of a heart attack nor was I the right colour for a heart attack, phew!

In hospital I was poked, prodded, questioned and x-rayed over 4 hours, in the end the Doctors could not find what had caused these symptoms but suggested it may be stress related, I am pretty sure they are right.


Type 1 Diabetes is hard enough to deal with and when you become obsessed with monitoring it every 5 minutes, that is all you start to think about and you become obsessed with perfection, only T1D can not be perfected, EVER! Add to that STILL being out of work and watching the savings dwindle whilst receiving job application notification after notification of;

“Unfortunately you have not been successful this time, we just found someone who had that little bit more…” 

I have become stressed to the max and its taking its toll on my mind and my body.

The only small win this week was our tax return, finally we are getting something back from the tax man but no doubt somewhere down the line they will take it back.

So at the moment I am burnout and if possible I am looking for a volunteer to babysit my T1D for a few weeks so I concentrate on getting my shit together for the sake of my sanity and my family…

In January 2016 I will be completing the annual JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes, myself and 300 other cyclists do this to raise needed funding to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes and end the suffering of millions, please help me and my team by visiting our everyday hero page and pledging your support, whether it be $2 or $200, every dollar matters AND its all tax deductible!