Diathlon training – unmotivated swim day

For me swimming is not my strong suit, I admit I am getting better at it but when D is playing games with you during the night, it becomes hard to get motivated to go train in the pool.

So last night I went to bed with bgl of somewhere in the 7s, no good for me as they had been flat lining around there all arvo…urgg.

Hoping it wouldn’t disrupt my ketosis, I took a unit of short acting and it started to come down.

1130pm buzz buzz buzz, dexcom telling me I am high (8.6mmol) – what are you playing at D?? I took another unit and went back to sleep only to wake this morning at 7.6mmol!

I thought not only have I woken with a high bgl but those extra doses of insulin during the night have probably knocked me out of ketosis…not happy, out of interest I tested keto es and found them to be 1.2mmol – great I am still in ketosis!!

This gave me enough motivation to go swimming…

I did 1km in 30minutes, which is good for me, bgl was 7.4 to start and 7.6 after…feeling good I shot a unit of insulin in and I headed off to train station for work only to get another buzz buzz buzz while I was standing at the platform – high 9.2 and rising. Arrrg good thing I know how to swear in my head as I don’t think the train station patrons would have appreciated my language.

Influencing factors: possible muscle repair going on from yesterday causing higher bgl.

Guess D is going to play games with me today so I can tell its going to be fun 😐😐

Tomorrow is run day.
Take care and remember, don’t wish for it, work for it!