I wanted to share with everyone my journey this year to completing a half Iron Man… I come from a cycling background only and I have always hated running and I look like I am drowning when I swim.

Agreed, an Iron Man has been done before but when you combine the intense and large amount of training with Type 1 Diabetes, it becomes a mission and a half.

This is my goal for this year and I am 100% commited to it, starting 2 weeks ago I started my training, 1 discipline each day with a 1 day rest in between.

So what I want to do is share with you my training each day along with food, medication, bgls, ketones and other crap that goes along with D…I hope that what I am doing and sharing will help others in their exercise aspirations with Type 1 Diabetes, showing it can be done.

It wont be perfect everyday but D never is.

My training today involved a brick workout involving a 1hr bike ride on my bike rollers and a 10km run with a mixture of road and trails.

I woke with a blood sugar of 3.1, which is a little bit lower than I want but none the less managable. Now for those with traditional management of D, this is going to sound odd…not wanting to start the bike ride that low, I did a minute of intense push ups and pull ups followed by a bulletproof coffee (coffee, butter and coconut oil). 15 minutes later I was dressed and ready for the bike, bgl was 4.4mmol…perfect.

Fuelling on water and electrolytes I cycled on the rollers for 1hr, keeping my heart rate on an average of 138bpm and collecting 34km, straight after the ride I put on my running shoes, tested my bgl, which was 6.5mmol and set off.

The run went for 59 minutes, collecting 10km of road and trail with hills. Upon getting home I tested bgl – 7.6mmol and ketones were 1.2mmol…awesome.

Possible influences were late start to the ride made me end up finishing the last part of the run with no basal on board (due at 830am, finished the run at 907am), the big hill towards the end of the run would have contributed to a small spike due to the uphill intensity.
The last influence was the fact that dawn phenomenon occured during the run.

My blood sugar continued to rise and stay at 9mmol for an hour after which point I came to the conclusion that yet another vial of insulin was corrupt. (new vial dropped me quick)

Breakfast following was grilled eggplant, 4 scrambled eggs with HWC, half an avocado and cooked haloumi…oh an another litre of water with biocuticals muscle eze mixed in.

Next time I will start it a bit earlier in the day, tomorrow morning? Swimming.

I hope my experiences on this journey help others.

Take care.