There is one thing about D that really annoys me and I know it annoys everyone else running this version of corrupt human software…it is the unpredictable factor.

When you have worked so hard to make sure food you cosume is right, your insulin doses are correct and plenty of exercise has been included in your days, you get the Diabetes blue screen of death, the unpredicatble factor, when your system just plays havoc, blood sugars don’t make sense, insulin seems to do nothing and your mind starts fulling apart from the mental stress it puts on you.

The last couple of days have been like this, if you read yesterdays blog you will see some of that unpredictability, last night was no better, I have taken so many correction dosesof insulin now that I am on the edge of falling out of ketosis (0.6mmol) but blood sugars haven’t moved.

Bed time last night was 7.5mmol with just over a unit of correction, this morning 7.6mmol.

I have now changed insulin vials, new batch of insulin, new syringes, new batch of syringes and rotated injection sites all to no avail.

So now its time for a reset, just like a computer when your software starts to go bonkers…

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

A diabetes reset is just some fasting time (24hrs this time), this helps to reduce insulin resistance and increase insulin sensitivity whilst giving your body a minor detox PLUS it will get me back into ketosis ready for the big Ride to Cure Diabetes in Adelaide on Saturday, 160km of cycling through hilly winery country with hundreds of other cyclists who either have or are affected by this ‘wonderful’ disease.

So its water and peppermint tea for me today…

PS no run today, didn’t feel up to it.