Learning curve

In less than 2 months it will be my 16th diaversary, 16 years of enforced learning about how to manually mimic one of the bodies most complicated processes and you know what?? I’m still learning.

Those crazy blood sugar resistance episodes I have been experiencing the last couple of days was due to a couple of things, a bug and a little bit of over training.

I train everyday using a variety of muscle groups at higher intensity (working on reducing intensity but I find it hard to slow down😊) collectively equaling to about 8-10hrs of training a week, last week I don’t think I had a proper rest day..woops.

Training everyday in this way over the last few weeks, plus my ride and big run on Sunday and the fact I had a bug floating around in my system wiped me out yesterday (even my boss said I didn’t look well).

So after 16 years I am still learning, I have learnt that for training and competing in large endurance (endurance being 3+ hours of intense exercise or crazy as my wife says) sports, it is a good idea to make sure I am consuming and monitoring my food intake to support my self long term.

On a side not, I gave my self a pat on the back this morning…I woke with a bgl of 12.2mmol – yuk!! However I simply looked, drew up 3 units, injected half in one but cheek and the rest in the other but cheek then got on with my morning routine, no stress, no additional thinking, no worry – very rare for me (both the bgl above 10 & not stressing)

Why did you wake up with a bgl so high you ask? I had a ‘feel like crap’ snacking episode last night, so self inflicted and no sympathy needed πŸ˜ƒ.

All good, feeling heaps better today and avoiding training for the rest of the week to ensure I am 100% for the big Ride to Cure Diabetes on Saturday in Adelaide…getting excited now!!

PS I have raised just over $4K for this ride but I would graciously and happily accept any more last minute donations. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ – http://ride.jdrf.org.au and click donate (Kyle Masterman)

I plan to take quite a few snaps on the weekend and during the ride, however there may be a delay in posting them as my mobile data is nearly out and doesn’t replenish for another 5 days – no broadband sux πŸ˜ƒ

Take care.