Complex systems

Sometimes we forget that the broken systems that come with Type 1 Diabetes are so complex that we tend to beat our selves up a lot when it simply doesnt work or it does the total opposite of what it is supposed to do.

Its now been 6 days since the big JDRF Ride to Cure Diabetes and I have been struggling ever since with major insulin resistance, if you have ever experienced this, as I am sure most T1Ds have, you will know how frustrating it can be…injecting over and over with little to no effect, what should bring you down to an acceptable level now requires upto 3, times the dose multiple times over hours…in my case the last 2 days.

I woke yesterday with a high fasting blood sugar – 8.1mmol, yuk! Then my average throughout the entire day was in the high 7’s even with multiple injections and a higher basal than normal.

There has been a bit of sitting down this week as well and that is known to cause IR, so I booked the stand up workstation at work yesterday and by the end of the afternoon it started to come down, only to jump up again later on in the evening, it was like someone had swapped my insulin for saline šŸ™‚

What could have caused this?? Remembering how complex this disease is, I came up with a handful of potential issues…urggg the fun of a broken pancreas.

Anyway I went for a run this morning to keep up with my triathlon training, fasting bgl was 4.4mmol – throwing on my runninng gear and tunes, I went for a 45min run clocking up just under 8km which was good pace considering I was doing intervals of walking to keep my heart rate down for base training.

Conventially (before my change in food) if I were to go and exercise at that intensity on full basal, blood sugars would drop within 15min but instead of going down or staying stable they went up to 6mmol, no prob, fine.

Post run, still with no food or coffee they spiked to 8+, who knows whats going on or which broken system process I should focus on…


It was a good run, the sun is up and I am 15min from work, time to put this mornings weirdness behind me and get on with the day.