Building Tensions

Its been quite a while since my last blog post, around 10 months I think it has been and not because I dont like sharing my experiences but mainly because of 2 things, a lack of fixed line internet at home and some major work / life balance changes at the end of last year.

Anyway I have decided to come back now and share some more, I am doing a job that requires me to work away for 8 days at a time but the benifit of that is I get 6 days off each time as well…anyway what I wanted to get out is I now have free wifi (my teenager daughters favourite thing) where I stay each night, that means I have committed to getting my blog back up and running each night.

So much going on in the world of diabetes these last few months and I have been getting a few comments from some parents of children with type 1 diabetes about how they miss reading my blogs, so thanks to those lovely champion parents for your kind words, I hope I can live up to your expectations once again.

What I wanted to quickly touch on in this blog is about the building tensions happening out there in the world of type 1 diabetes, this revolves around nutrition as a form of side treatment to insulin, as you would have read in my previous posts, nutrition has played a massive part in giving me better control of my diabetes management for the last 16 months (even though I am going on 16.5 years of diabetes, eek that makes me sound old!!!), what I dont like seeing out there in the online world is people being crucified and belittled for not eating a low carbohydrate nutrient dense diet and it goes the other way too, we are all in this together whether we like it or not and we should be helping each other out through their type 1 life journey because everyBODY is different and everyBODY reacts different.

I am not angry at the medical profession for the nutrition advice that was provided to me for 15 years of my diabetic life, they all did the best they could with the information they had at the time, yeah looking back now, the information didnt really make much sense but hey we live and we learn.

It does please me however that the parents I have been helping ‘offline’ with this way of eating have gained significant advances in their childrens blood sugar control and better yet their children look, feel and act so much healthier, I love it!!

Anyway enough rambling for one night, I have been up since 3am this moring to catch my flight to work today so I will return tomorrow with something a little more interesting and exciting, but for now please try and respect each others opinions and diabetes management descions, listen a little and you may actually learn new things, I know I still do…

Stay Positive Good People, chat to you tomorrow! đŸ™‚

P.S. I would love for anyones feedback / questions on any of my posts, it will help motivate me to write more and also write about topics people are actually interested in