New Challenges

There is never a dull moment with this disease but after all my previous ramblings, you probably already guessed that! My current challenge looks and smells like… you guessed it FOOD!

For those of you who know me well, you know that I am pretty anal when it comes my nutrition and as my wife kindly pointed out to me only the other day, she has given up trying to go out for meals as my intense focus on it makes things a little difficult BUT I will be trying to change that as I had not realised what a pain in the arse I had become with it for my family! 😛

Anywho… thats not the challenge I want to get out here, what I am talking about now comes as part of my new field based fly in fly out (FIFO) role and although I am thankful for getting food provided for me by work whilst I am away, the camp food has provided me with some…lets say tuff meat to chew.

“Why are you being so fussy about food”, you say?? Well…

In order to keep control over my blood sugars and achieve HbA1C results like 5.1% (my last) whilst reducing the risk of long term Diabetic complications (associated with poor control), reduced risk of cardiac disease and well performing better (sport that is 😉 ) and feeling better; I eat a nutrient dense diet consisting of whole foods (no wheat, grains, table sugar, anything high in carbohydrate or processed foods); works for me so I pursue it…

The first night I flew in a few weeks back it was fish and chip night, no problems I will just have grilled fish, nope its all battered stuff but you can have potatoes or we have some brocolli and cauliflower (success!) covered in cheese sauce which has flour and god only knows what else in it…never mind I will have salad and move on.

There have been a couple of good dinners where I could order grilled chicken thats not covered or coated in god knows what and the odd occasion they serve some greens so I go hard with that.

Breakfast each morning is easy; poached eggs and bacon, sometimes you even get lucky and there is a bowl of fresh spinach, I even tried the scrambled egg once but that spiked my blood sugars so I avoid that now as I am not sure what goes into that.

Pack your own lunch is pretty much standard, hard boiled eggs, salad and capsicum, the camps that do serve up cans of tuna I stock up, otherwise I have an emergency supply of canned sardines and a jar of olives, which in the middle of my 220km drive between sites today, was my lunch which Im happy to report kept my blood sugar very stable until I snuck in a couple of pieces of 86% dark chocolate (another ’emergency’ ration I have stashed).

So when I can get the right food its okay but when visting the smaller exploration camps, its very limited and I just end up fasting and spending more time in the gym…1st world problems hey!!

Eat well and stay positive my friends!