Gym Junkie

Not only have I laughed it off when Ive been warned by others suffering this same fate butI have experienced it myself, yet clearly I havnt learnt, which no doubt my wife would say is totally normal for me! Im talking about the massive insulin sensitivity you get from hitting the weights at the gym and becoming a gym junkie.


The last 9 months all I have been doing training wise was running and a bit of cycling in preperation for the City to Surf half marathon I completed the other week, so gym work has just consisted of treadmills, spin bikes and light weights and now I am training for the Cape to Cape mountain bike race next month, I have decided to build up some upper body strength and grow my leg muscles up again in time for the race (I have a runners physic now and its not really the look I like)

So yesterday morning before work I headed to the camp gym to do a leg work session, post leg session I was presented with a sharp spike in blood sugar, something that I clearly forgot about the occurs when you do weights, you know what though I do remember thinking about taking a shot of insulin before the session but for some reason I decided against it, probably due to the fear of going low whilst lifting heavy weights.

Post session I decided to experiment and not take my day time basal dose of Levemir and instead make sure I sufficently covered with Regular insulin when I ate and also to cover the morning shit storm of coffee and dawn phenomenom.
Getting to around 6pm my blood sugar was starting to show signs of a slight rise which meant the basal shot of Levemir I took the previous night was wearing off, why not dull it down with another Gym session!!

Great Idea!!, so I thought.

So I had an hour at the gym doing some upper body weights but this time I took a small amount of Novorapid insulin before I started to blunt the spike from the weight session.

Blood sugar remained normal. Dinner was consumed, chicken and brocolli. Regular insulin given for the protein. 80% Basal of Levemir given. Everything happy…
I was ready to hit the pillow and everything was looking peachy, I said good night to my lovely wife over Facebook (long distance love does work haha), suddenly dexcom alerts to let me know I have dropped below 3.6mmol, best sort that out before I go to bed.

10pm rolled on and I was still low (at which time I had written up last nights blog) but it was looking flat so I decided to crash, then ALL night I fluctuated between 2.6 and 3.6 taking litle doses of glucose tablets to raise it but all through the night Dexcom was buzzing on the bedside table waking me up…urggg

Safe to say I was quite tired today.

Today though my insulin sensitivity continued to be massive, I took no Levemir again today and had to bolus very little for food (1/2 my usual dose) and still it was too much, just goes to show how crazy sensitive doing weights at the gym makes you.

I made the safe choice tonight to not go to the gym and try to get a decent night sleep as doing 12 hour days fatigued is not ideal, HOWEVER I will be hitting the gym first up tomorrow morning before work, wish me luck 😉