Outsider impressions


As I stood there in the shop trying to listen to what my wife was telling me and focus on the food label on the package I was holding, although I could hear and see the words, nothing was going in and nothing was making sense, so I did what any person in my exact situation would do and I involuntarily pulled a big stupid grin…

It just seems to be something that comes naturally when you are having a low blood sugar, uncontrolled movements, weird behaviour and that stupid grin, my wife probably thinks I’m a complete idiot, trying to explain important things to me and there I am grinning back at her.

The reason for being in this predicament was because we decided it would be nice to go to Grill’d for lunch but instead of just having the low carb ‘Simon Says’ burger (22g carbs) I added the awesome Zucchini chips as well, unfortunately they are not low carb (something like 39g carbs per serve), however as I don’t usually carb count for that amount in one sitting I must have screwed it up and took too much.


40 minutes later we were walking around the supermarket looking for some food items for me to take away when I fly to work (ive come to the realisation that I need to bring my own food when I fly away if I want to meet my nutrition needs as camp food is not the best), whilst I was pushing the trolley those bloody weird symptoms started, the fuzzy eye sight, the ‘digital life skips’ (I’ll explain in a bit), extreme hunger, involuntary foot movements, and the in ability to communicate in real language.

I tried to read a label on the package and it was all blending into one big fuzzy ball of gibberish, my hands were buzzing, my face was buzzing and all I could respond to my wife with was a big stupid grin!!

She asked me if I was ok and I managed to just to grin and say ‘No’.


Any who, this ‘Digital Life Skips’ as I call it, I tried explaining this to my wife but it didn’t quite come out the way I can see it, there has been a few movies I have seen where this happens, I think Gamer is one of them…if you have seen it think about when there is a scene where there is lag between him and his gamer and it sort of does this digital skip/lag thing, confused?? I’m not sure how else to put it but that’s the way it feels.

When this occurs at home or in the presence of my family it doesn’t really bother me, I get it fixed and move on and they know exactly what is happening and why (most of the time anyway), what really gets me anxious though is other people’s perceptions of me outside of home life, like when I am at work; a low in front of work mates can quickly turn embarrassing when you start to do awkward things and talk a bit of gibberish or repeat words over and over with a huge stupid grin, the worst part is when you are in a high pressure situation requiring all your brain power and your boss is directly speaking with you at the same time and although you know your subject and can talk about it until the cows come home, when your low you feel like an infant that has just started to talk…not only embarrassing but also frustrating as it makes you look bad performance wise.

Although lows like this don’t happen very often, I am not sure on how to combat this constant anxious feeling, I carry a tub of glucose tablets in my pocket everywhere I go (just remember that if you come across me talking gibberish with a huge stupid grin) but more often than not it takes time for the knowledge that you are low to kick in, in which time you have probably already made a fool of your self…

Just in case you were wondering, even after this crappy situation, I still say the Grill’d burger and Zucchini fries were worth it!!