A helping hand…

Sometimes when we think we know everything, we actually forget the basics…at least thats how I felt this last couple of months…

Going on nearly 17 years of Type 1 Diabetes freeloading off me and I suppose in that time I have learnt new tips, tricks and hacks which over time fill the space where the basic management of diabetes existed.


Since the Cape to Cape mountain bike race at the end of October this year, which I might add was freakin awesome fun, 221km of dirt and trails on a mountain bike over 4 days, epic! Anyways since then my control has been all over the place, tripling my insulin dose and just basically throwing a spanner in the works, I don’t even want to know what my HbA1C is after nearly 2 months of that ūüė¶

Anywho I decided that I needed some professional help, not the crazy in the coconut kind but the Diabetes and Nutrition kind, I needed to re learn the basics of Diabetes and food management to get a reset and get my life back on track!

It just so happens that I know of this super awesome Type 1 Diabetes team in Perth who has¬†a Super¬†awesome Diabetes Educator, Amy Rush,¬†who also happens to be an awesome¬†and up to date Dietician, what a great win! (check out her 16 day¬†‘Tentatively Type 1 Blog‘)

So I booked an appointment with Amy from the Telethon Type 1 Family Centre (awesome peeps) and got back to basics whilst improving on what I already know and practice, it was also good to hear the truth about certain things which I think I had fallen into a bit of denial about as well as pointing out the obvious, sometimes we just need another pair of eyes to tell us what we are already looking at.

So 2 sessions later and Im feeling better about what I am doing and also feel a bit more in control of my diabetes…so the wheels have been put back on and the cart is rolling again!

Cheers Amy, your a legend ūüôā

PS, I urge you to go check out this awesome resource and the great people there bending over backwards to help parents with young Type 1 Diabetic children.

Telethon Type 1 Family Centre