Hard Evidence

With a little inspiration from 2 of my fellow crazy friends (who are also taking on the T1D world AND using low carb) I decided to trial my Fat-Adaption status this morning.

If you have not seen it yet both crazy friends put out blogs yesterday which helped muster the inspiration for my first road cycle since November 20th last year;

Have a read and subscribe to their stories, no pressure 😉

Cycling Ninja (Neil the champion cyclist) – Fat-Adaption

Mermaid (Bec the champion swimmer) – What I eat

Now in comparison to the distances I used to cycle, today’s distance was not that special, what I was counting on was the power of my fat-adaption to keep me going and also keep blood sugars under control…rivermap

Before I get into that, like Bec (What I eat) I want to share what my fuel was for this 30km road ride;

5:40am – Blood sugar-4.9mmol, Ketones-0.9, Food-bulletproof coffee, Insulin-6u Levemir (getting ready to drive to the city)

7:00am – Blood sugar-7.6mmol (forgot about DP as well as so many other things before I left), Insulin-1u Novorapid

Between 8am and 8:40 am I was at an appointment, at 9am I was suited up and ready to rock, apart from tight hamstrings from a leg day 2 days prior, I was feeling awesome!

Blood sugar-5.4mmol and still nothing to eat….

I rode around parts of the swan river for around an hour before heading up Malcolm Street to Kingspark, now if you have ever seen Malcolm Street you will know how steep and energy depriving it is to climb, many people use it as a training hill for running and riding. Only problem is when I exert that much energy in such a short period of time at a high heart rate my blood sugar gets a boost 😦

10:10am-Blood Sugar-8.1mmol trending up, Ketones 0.7 (still burning fat), Food-Long black with a side of 35% fat cream, Insulin-1.0mmol of Regular (counter-act the spike from the hill climb)

Coffee in Kingspark

By the end of the ride I had clocked up 30km and 6 Personal Records (thanks again Strava) and an hour after the ride I was sitting stable at 5.5mmol with ketones of 1.6, it was not until I got home at 12:30 that I had my first meal.

12:36pm-Blood Sugar-4.9mmol and stable, Ketones 1.4 (still burning fat), Food-Eggs, Bacon, Avocado, Spinach, Olive Oil and Smoked Salmon, Insulin-1u Regular.

Soooooooo good!!!

Since then all I have consumed is water and a handful of walnuts, blood sugar still stable!

So apart from the minor bump (literally) I think it went well, no lows, no highs, no loss of energy and best of all great food at the end!

Tomorrow I am off to be a paddler (at 6am!) in a Kayak for a 10km swim for my friend the Mermaid.