Race Report: Rottnest Channel Swim

Such an inspiration to all Bec. Well done!!


I hate suspense, so let’s begin with the ending:


I made it to Rotto!!!

The Rottnest Channel Solo was the hardest and most epic thing I have ever put my body through.

I have never felt more exhilarated and grateful and exhausted and TOTALLY, UTTERLY, STOKED than I did when I planted both my feet on the sand in Thompson’s Bay and waded in to shore, to see the faces of a whole crowd of people I love to pieces. The looks on their faces were variously delighted, relieved, excited and proud. I will never forget that welcoming party – it was just the best.

16832063_722279834600195_2796747249327027945_n(1) Made it! You can stop reading if you like.

I could end it there, but I think some readers would like the blow-by-blow details of the race. So read on if you’d like the rest of the story (but get ready for…

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