The wheels are rolling

If you hadn’t guessed from the new name of the blog or the hints I dropped in the last blog, the Munda Biddi trail is where this story is at.



What started as a caffeine fueled idea early one Sunday morning at our favourite post ride coffee shop, soon turned into messages, lists, emails, catchup chats full of excitement and reading maps over coffee…now the idea has become an established goal for two mates who love mountain biking!




For quite a long time now I have been keenly interested in the challenges and scenery that the Munda Biddi trail has to offer, reading stories over the years of people riding the trail from start to end over weeks kind of inspired me, where as most other people I speak too just think I’m nuts and more than likely they would be right!

Before I waffle on too much a bit of context as to what the Munda Biddi trail is!

“The Munda Biddi Trail is a world-class, nature-based, off-road cycling experience. A unique trail where a 1000km track has been built through an undeveloped natural corridor from Mundaring to Albany.” 

Yeah you read that right – 1000km, well it’s actually 1064km to be exact but who’s counting really?

img_1327It seems like this is a lot of riding to do all at once and to be honest your probably right but as usual it’s not the riding that is at the front of my mind, I have done a few crazy events in my time, granted not as epic as this but every time its not the riding, it’s always…



“How do I plan for the management of a disease that at times is as random as the weather??”

To be honest reading that sentence scares me however the fear does not drive me away, it makes me want to push through and try harder, these days I think I live for the challenge of what diabetes can be put up too.

The big difference this year is I have some extra tools in my diabetes management tool kit which I will use to their full potential to make this goal successful!

I will share a bit more over the coming weeks about how this is all going to work and along this journey to…ah the journey, I will share my experiences and training so that those of you out there reading might gain some extra knowledge and skills to put in your diabetes tool kit or even inspire you to go out and do something you love!

Plenty more exciting news to come but for now, pack your pancreas cause the wheels are in motion!!!