The new look diabetes toolkit

When you have had diabetes for a long time you tend to build up a large diabetes toolkit to help manage the disease, some tools work well and some get left out in the weather and don’t work so well any more.

At the end of 2017 when I was shopping at my local diabetes superstore I came across a shiny new tool which would totally change the way I manage D…

diabetes sorcery

As unrealistic as this meme sounds, its actually pretty true for me now, this new tool I now have is called #OpenAPS – open source artificial pancreas.

Some of you may have heard the term ‘Artificial Pancreas’ before as experimental technology or technology being researched etc but I can tell you it already exists but not in the commercial market, hence why its not all over the news.

My first epic Diabetes management tool that changed the way I manage this disease came when I met my mermaid friend Bec Johnsonwho introduced me to a low carb nutrient dense way of eating, this changed my life for the better in so many ways but I have rattled on enough about that in the past!

The second epic Diabetes management tool came to be at the end of last year thanks to my new ‘virtual friend’ Dana Lewis, rather than me confuse the shit out of you with my explanation of this, take out 12 minutes of your life and watch her TedX talk and be blown away.

After building my D.I.Y artificial pancreas I have managed to get some well overdue sleep but the biggest impact is I now do not have to actively manage my disease, the system looks after me all day and all night, bolusing for me when I eat without me interacting with the system – yeah I know right…


hourly stats
My average hourly glucose since starting #openAPS (44 days)

The system is not a perfect match to an actual pancreas but it is pretty bloody awesome in comparison to what I have been dealing with for 18 years…this year I will using this tool as part of my training and the event for the epic Munda Biddi ride as well as all the mountain bike racing, it will take some effort to get the system to learn how all this riding effects me but I am confident it will help me achieve my goals this year.

With this and low carb I am onto a winner combination!

If you want to learn more about it please feel free to ask or have a look at these links;

OpenAPS (what I am on), or