Another useless pancreas for the collection

For the second time in 18 years my pancreas has failed leaving me at the mercy of manually injecting the live saving hormone…insulin

How ironic after my last post bragging about my new artificial pancreas and the wonders I am achieving with it.

I might be being a bit harsh here, the brains of the operation still works but like the human body the brain is only as good as the components attached too it.

Last night at around 10:00pm my dexcom alarm went off waking me up and telling me I had gone above 7.2mmol, thinking back to dinner and the workout I had there is no way that I should be that high, snoozing the alarm for 60 minutes I went back to sleep only to be woken again at 11:00pm to find out it had now crept up to 9.5mmol.

Frustrated that the system wasn’t working I checked the history and saw that the bionic pancreas had been working hard since dinner to bring me down but the numbers didn’t reflect the changes…

DING DING DING, face palm moment

Now the alarm in my head went off, must be the pump then, a quick check reveals no air bubbles in the line and functioning correctly which leaves a kinked cannula – the only thing you can’t check without removing it from under your skin and re inserting a new one.

Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, even in the middle of the night…Just take out the old one and insert a new one.

Therein lies the problem…When I am away for work my pancreas spares bag is usually stocked up with enough to last me the swing plus a little more, however I have had 3 set failures this week so the one I had on was my last!!

Without the infusion set, the artificial pancreas ain’t gonna work, all components need to be functioning for the system Loop.

Boo hoo

Diabetes maths in the middle of the night is shit but I had to boot my brain into gear to make sure my maths was correct to survive the night.

It took a while for blood sugar to come down so of course my high alarm was going off each hour prompting me to reassess my maths and inject some more insulin, being careful not too rage bolus and end up in a pit of low blood sugar.

Long story short, work alarm at 4:30 and now I’m sitting here at breakfast tired and the prison blend coffee here at work isn’t going to touch the sides but as usual I will soldier on.

On the plus side, today is fly home day meaning I can reboot the artificial pancreas tomorrow.