Getting naked

It’s been so long since I had a shower naked, that I can’t remember the feeling of being so free.

Just in case you have gotten a bit excited, a content warning that this is still a family-friendly PG blog, stay with me it will make sense soon. 😄

Every day for quite a long time I have had some sort of Diabetes ‘accessory’ attached to my body somewhere…stomach, hip, arm or even my pockets, there has been pumps, infusion sites and sensors for some form of the continuous glucose monitor.

Don’t get me wrong this technology is awesome at making a difference to control Diabetes but man sometimes it can be a pain.

So just for a bit of context, I have been off the pump and off any form of continuous glucose monitor since the other day with what I thought was the dodgy insulin. Everything is manual Diabetes, that means fingerstick tests 8-10 times a day, insulin delivered by syringe and diabetes algebra in my head.

Where was I? Right, Diabetes technology. Like I said it’s great to have but it also changes the way you live your life;

Showers: to clarify what I meant in my opening line, having showers usually involves carefully getting undressed, disconnecting the pump, attaching a hygiene clip to the cannula site on my hip and then showering like normal but being careful not to knock or wash either site to hard or risk knocking them off.

But it doesn’t finish there, when it’s time to get out I have to make sure my towel doesn’t catch on the sensor either this is even more challenging with my current towel which has a loose bit of stitching thin enough to get itself caught on the sensor creating a tug of war between my arms and a tiny little piece of adhesive. One guess as to which one comes out on top?? You got it, not the $90 sensor. 🤦‍♂️

Sleep: great for getting more of it but I have also converted to sleeping on my front or side/front (not quite on your front and not quite on your side), this is because I wear my glucose sensor and my insulin pump infusion set on my hip as this is the only place which has enough fatty tissue to give accurate blood sugar readings. This also means I can’t sleep on that side as it creates a thing called compression lows.

A compression low is when your body is leaning on the sensor which restricts the amount of tissue fluid available to read, ultimately resulting in a falsely low blood sugar and that means screeching alarms in the middle of the night.

Slippery situations: my diet consists of a lot of MCT oil and soluble fiber, usually in the form of our favorite psyllium husk 🤮

Although this stuff is great for nutrition, it’s not so good at providing sufficient warning of imminent bowel evacuations.

There no problem with getting to the loo but it’s the rush to get on it that’s the problem, you see it’s not as simple as dropping your dacks sitting down and getting instant relief, in my situation I have to make sure I don’t rip my sensor off my hip when I’m pulling my pants down whilst at the same time holding my pump with my chin to keep it from falling and ripping from my skin, once that kafufil is out of the way then the turtles can be released into the wild.

Maybe a bit to much toilet talk there but hey you opened this blog with a not so safe title so it’s on you 😄

Constantly having your phone and pump on you also becomes a bit of a drag, especially when if I am out all day like today at Rottnest with the family, usually I would be disconnecting and reconnecting every half hour to go swimming then testing and retesting to make sure the salt water was not affecting my continuous glucose monitor, providing me with false numbers.

Being away from all that tech today made the day so much more relaxing and I was able to enjoy the experience, granted my blood sugars were totally not in my optimal range but the quality of life today was worth it.

So for now while my body works through whatever the hell is going on, I am sticking to old school manual Diabetes, sleeping in whichever position I feel comfortable in and not worrying about ripping off any bionic attachments whenever that late notice call comes in…

Also in case, you were wondering, Yes I’m still wigging out about what my numbers are between tests but its only short term so I am making an exception…I think.