Getting off the food insanity wagon

In 1983 Rita Mae Brown quite wisely said in her book “Sudden Death” that “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

I have now been doing fly in fly out work for 16 months in my current role and each time I fly up expecting that the food situation would change for the better and each time completing a swing disappointed in the nutrition available.

My poor wife always hears it every swing about the limited options and poor quality nutrients in the food I have to accept when on site but yet each week I do the same thing!

Each swing I bring up various types of pre-made meals and food to try and cover the gaps in nutrition and although it helps the circle is not totally complete resulting in my energy and fitness taking a blow for the team.

This swing I have decided to give up all hope on the camp food (apart from the hard boiled eggs) and have put together 3 different whole day meal plans which I can cycle through each day I am on site, each meal plan meets my required macros including fiber, energy, and micronutrients. The meals have been put together to make the food interesting but also portable so I can freeze and take with me in my soft esky on the plane.


Meals for the week to take to site


Basically, this week’s esky of goodies consists of frozen pre-made low carb Swedish buns filled with various meats and cheese, frozen avocados halved, low carb high protein bread (for breakfast), low carb high protein waffles, black chia seeds & raspberries for chia seed pudding, macadamias, a frozen meal of low carb chicken and halloumi korma (to replace Friday night fish and chips) plus the usual extras – almond milk, peanut butter, protein powder, cream and coconut milk.

With the set meal plans, I know what is in the food I am eating and how much each meals macros are, that might sound a bit over the top but that is what I need to be able to maintain good blood glucose control with my Type 1 Diabetes because if you have been reading my previous blogs you will know it creates a shit storm when its out of control.

If you are interested I have documented my meal plans using Cronometer copying them into a word doc – > Meal Plan Work 2018

My biggest problem is I really love food, especially things like peanut butter and macadamias and without a set plan I tend to over-consume that yummy stuff which feels good at the time but usually ends in insulin resistance and a wingy old man!

With a full calendar of racing as well as the “Munda-Betes epic adventure” later this year, it is very important I get this part of my life under control again so my fitness and endurance is not affected.

Hopefully now with this new plan along with my Dexcom CGM and the open source Artifical pancreas back up and running, I should be able to have a decent swing without the added stress of food creating shit storms with my blood glucose control.

I have also stepped up my cycling training with a few good rides this R&R of which I plan to continue on site this week but on the spin bikes in the aim of building a stronger cardio base for better endurance fitness on the bike out on the trails.

Eat Smart. Train Smart. Enjoy Life!

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