Hard reset

Like a computer, the body goes through times where every system process starts to fail in turn creating odd looking system errors and like computers it usually due to one system process failure and then like domino’s they all fall over.

I have found doing a hard reset to the body usually seems to put everything back in place, well most of it anyway…


This time I think I managed to catch the system failures early, its been a few days now where it feels like my body has had a head on collision with a bus, I dare say we have all been there sometime. My collision has come complete with insulin resistance, sore muscles, fatigue and headaches.

Yesterday it came to a head, I was in bed by 7pm, the day had been going down hill basically from when I got up, having a low carb breakfast consisting of low carb / higher protein bread with butter and vegemite alongside a ‘coffee’, I say coffee loosely because the mess coffee is cheap instant stuff…just drinkable.

By 9am my blood sugars had been resistant at 7 for the last 2 hours, eventually getting up to 9.5 mmol without me eating anything else, this lovely number came with a cracking headache, one of those ones where it feels like your eyes are going to explode.

Ok a little dramatic, but it was a shocker right.

Anyway by the time 4pm came round I had to call it quits for the day, I got back to camp at 4:30pm and instantly feel asleep on the bed.

[insert sheep counting here]

Next minute I woke with a dry mouth and it was morning, I had slept through without taking my overnight dose of levemir!!! Blood sugar would be high as a kite!!!!

No, it was only 6pm – phew

As it was Friday fish and chip night and there would be a great selection of deep fried fish, fish with some sort of crumb or sugary sauce along with deep fried chips, boiled potatoes, mashed potato and boiled kale or silver beet, I decided it wasn’t worth even thinking about walking to the mess and besides I wasn’t really hungry anyway.

So there I was, asleep again by 7pm. Sad I know, but I went to bed with a plan, as my last meal was at 12pm that day I would continue to fast until lunch time the next day to try and give my metabolism a rest in turn getting rid of any insulin resistance hanging around.

I did have 2 black coffees today during the fast period but aside from that I lasted until lunch time, resupplying with macadamias, smoked cheese and salami washed down with a low carb protein shake.

Anyway it seems to have worked, I went for a run after work (more for mental relief) with my last meal being lunch time I was pretty much running on fat and you know what?? it felt pretty good, zipping round at an average of 5:17 per km, I smashed out 5.7 km in 30 minutes.

Once again though I was dissapointed with the food on offer at the mess, sometimes I wonder why I even go up there at all! Luckily though there was the option of getting steak cooked, so I grabbed an avocado, sour cream, the rest of my cauliflower rice and butter then headed up, ordering a couple of medium rare steaks – I sat down for a decent meal, only thanks to my own catering mind you.

Self catering at its best

Hopefully my protein bolus calculations were correct and I manage to get a decent sleep tonight, whats more lets hope the hard reset continues with its success tomorrow!

Only a week to go now until the x-adventure off road triathlon, feeling strong just go to make sure I stay hydrated and sleep well!