Its a buzz word we hear all over the place and one that apparently we should all have in order to live our lives successfully, but what does it actually mean in the real world?

There are many definitions on the interwebs but in a nut shell I think it can be interpreted as the ability to pick your self up and continue on after events in our lives knock us down, even when those events knock us down hard.

Not to blow my own horn but after a few conversations of late with friends and colleagues, I have realised that maybe this resilience factor currently exists within my personality and I want to share how it came about, from my point of view anyway…

It is no secret that in the past I have gone to dark places thanks to the crap that diabetes likes to dish out on a regular basis but I am still here and still powering on living my life, chasing goals both life and crazy ass endurance goals but why? What is it that keeps me from staying in that dark hole of misery feeding on the negative??

After a lot of thought, what is obvious to me is not only the drive to constantly improve myself but also help those around me by sharing my knowledge, experience and advice.

By no means do I pretend to be an expert in the fields of medicine or nutrition however the path I have taken has provided me with a wealth of knowledge that needs to be shared with everyone, I feel this need to help others improve their lives is my ‘how’ to developing a resilient nature.

One of the biggest resilience developments / wins at the moment is the Epic Adventure #mbea Richard and myself are embarking on, yes its true the campaign is going to require us to be part salesmen in order to raise at least $15,000 for the Telethon Type 1 Family Centre – on the flip side though it’s about raising awareness of the disease to those who don’t know a lot about it and inspiring those with the disease to not be afraid of stepping outside of their comfort zone to achieve their dreams.

Type 1 Diabetes can create this bubble of fear to try new things because it can be such an unpredictable disease at the best of times, I feel people fear failure on an epic scale because to be honest that feeling of having an epic low blood sugar is scary as shit – you literally feel like you are going to die and quickly! It is one of the most scary things about living with the disease, especially when it creeps up on you in the middle of the night.

Anyway putting the negative shit aside , rather than crawl up into a ball of trembling fear I have found positive things to focus on that drives me to get up in the morning and give me something to pull me off the path towards that dark place when times get tough.

The Munda-betes Epic Adventure is not going to be an easy task, diabetic or not – 100+ km per day for 10 days on a mountain bike…but if I can inspire the Type 1 community to build a resilient layer above the fear of the disease and achieve those goals which have been driven underground by that fear, then I will be a happy man.

There is so much to this life, if we constantly focus on the negative, the fear and the things that bring us down, we will miss all the great things there is on offer to make our lives rewarding and a joy to be in.

So find your ‘Why’ and build on it!

In August 2018 I will be mountain biking with my mate Richard along the Munda Biddi trail from end to end in 10 days! The trail is 1071km long and will be a huge challenge but this challenge is not for ‘fun’, we are doing it to raise $15,000 for the Telethon Type 1 Family Centre – please help us on our mission, donate and share our story.

Munda-Betes Epic Adventure – Everyday Hero Donation Page

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