Trust in the plan?

With 21 days remaining before I set off on the Munda Biddi trail with Richard to tackle the end to end challenge of over 1000km of mountain biking through some of the South Wests awesome bush land, I am quietly freaking out – testing the D plan is simply not working for me!

As you would know, I am planning to utilise the open source artificial pancreas (APS) to help control my blood sugars along the ride, I thought the plan was solid but to be honest up until the last couple of weeks I had not really put it fully to the test and mimic the conditions of the ride.

I am not good at art

Last week saw me doing long distance back to back mountain bike rides for 4 days straight, given the effort was a lot harder than we would be doing on the epic ride but it was still a good test of equipment (my body), I am happy to say that the legs worked well, the body responded as expected and the nutrition was solid (after some brain fart moments) but the blood sugar…what the fuck, those numbers will just not stay above 4 even with all my different strategies and its breaking me down.

At the moment it feels like in order to maintain my blood sugar and stop constant lows I will have to be eating for pretty much the entire ride, can you imagine on that 133km day where we will be on the bikes for around 9 hours – I would be consuming massive amounts of food, not for energy but just to keep blood sugars from taking me out of the game…I have to say its totally not appealing.

Just to clarify this is not making me want to bail on this ride, I am 100% committed but the D management plan needs to change – how crazy right???

dirty bike
As crazy as riding in stormy weather

I can here it now – “21 days to go and you are going to change your insulin plan?? your insane”

What are my other choices, the reason why I originally went off of pumping was due to the instability of blood sugars during exercise because of the type of insulin used in a pump.

The other choice is to turn off the APS, turn off the pump and rely on the Dexcom CGM to guide my my management via insulin injections. This means more focus on D management during the ride but also increase risk of low / high blood sugar overnight which will ultimately increase fatigue along with reduced recovery.


Deal with the lows during the ride with what ever intake of food is required to get me there, enjoy the focus on the awesome scenery. Sleep well. Recovery well and enjoy the experience.

What ever “solution” presents itself, I will make sure that D is not the focus of my ride but instead its just an additional challenge to add to the experience of a life time trip.


Bring it on!

On August 25th 2018 I will be mountain biking with my mate Richard along the Munda Biddi trail from end to end in 10 days!

This trail is 1071km long and will be a huge challenge to ride but this challenge is not for ‘fun’, we are doing it to raise $15,000 for the Telethon Type 1 Family Centre – please help us on our mission, donate and share our story.

Munda-Betes Epic Adventure – Everyday Hero Donation Page

Thanks so much for your continued support and a big thank you to our sponsors

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