The cyclone before the storm??

So it’s here, the epic adventure is a matter of hours away, it feels like it was only yesterday that we sat down in Dome on that wet and cold Sunday morning and decided we would embark on this adventure raising funds for the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre…but this previous week has been cyclonic and very nearly resulted in potential disaster.

Before I get there though, you may remember from my last post that I was having trouble with current diabetes management plan and no matter what I tried it was failing me, so on from that, I have changed onto MDI – or multiple daily injections for those not in the know. This means constant monitoring of blood sugar and guestimation of insulin using needles, this has worked for me in the past and seems to be working now, what I don’t like though is the impact it has on my body aesthetically…

Bruising from injections

I don’t what it is but injecting into the abdomen tends to result in small to big bruising which doesn’t affect me physiologically just bugs me mentally, then again why fest on something so silly like this right, chuck a shirt on then move on haha

Ok, so let’s get back to the ‘drama’, I can see now that maybe it wasn’t so much of a drama but I can tell you at the time it certainly felt like a game over moment.

The kids and everyone around me had been sick with the flu/cold for a couple of weeks but it wasn’t until last Wednesday morning I woke up with a harsh scratchy throat and slightly achy body, with just over a week to go till we roll out I felt a week’s worth of the flu would ruin me, not giving me enough time to recover before heading off.

Those in the circle will know; as a person with Type 1 will know, when you get sick it is usually double the impact and double the timeframe to get rid of it…so rather than fall in a heap and cry myself into a dark hole I took action.

Immune booster tablets. Cold and flu tablets. Cloves of garlic. Vitamin C. Sunshine and lots of water – Good thing I was away at work because the family would have made me stay outside with the amount of garlic I was consuming!

But of course, the cold and flu tablets have paracetamol in them which provides false blood sugar readings on the CGM, so that was going all over the place adding to the stress – that came off and I was back to old school D management, multiple finger prick tests, and injections. Testing 10-12 times a day really destroys the fingertips but it turns out the result was pretty good.

Pretty happy with the 7-day average without CGM

Ok so back onto the positive side, tomorrow is the day!!!! 8am roll out from Mundaring sculpture park, the gear is ready, food is packed, the bike is ready to rock, new Dexcom sensor on, feeling fit and the D management plan is…well kinda there but mainly I will be winging it on the fly, then again that seems to be the best plan normally anyway.

90% of the gear which will be on the bike

Along the way I really want everyone to be involved and see what it takes to do this type of ultra endurance ride with Type 1 diabetes, there will be photos on Instagram and Facebook as well as live videos along the way posted on facebook.

To also provide a little more insight to people who are interested in the blood sugar side of things, I have set up a dedicated website which will provide a continuous feed of my blood sugar readings from my CGM, I have to tell you though putting that out into the public arena is making me super anxious but I want people to see the reality and hopefully feel empowered that doing this type of exercise does not result in epic rollercoaster blood sugars.

We will also be running the spot tracker which gives you a live (every 5 minutes) update of our location along the way.

Whats the logistics ‘plan’ look like? Well, this is what we are planning to do but may very well change along the way.

Day 1 – Sat 25th, Mundaring to Jarrahdale, ~101km
Day 2 – Sun 26th, Jarrahdale to Lake Brockman, ~133km
Day 3 – Mon 27th, Lake Brockman to Honeymoon pool, ~103km
Day 4 – Tue 28th, Honeymoon pool to Nannup, ~120km
Day 5 – Wed 29th, Nannup to Manjimup, ~84km
Day 6 – Thu 30th, Manjimup to Pemberton, ~83km
Day 7 – Fri 31st, Pemberton to Fernhook falls, ~115km
Day 8 – Sat 1st, Fernhook falls to Valley of the giants, ~104km
Day 9 – Sun 2nd, Valley of the giants to Scotsdale road, ~85km
Day 10 – Mon 3rd, Scotsdale road to Albany, ~110km

Plenty of dirt, mud, rain, hills and epic scenery along the way!! Can’t wait.

Keep track of our adventure via;

Everyday hero page
Live Spot tracker – (not available till Sat)
Live blood sugars
Instagram – @mundabetesepicadventure

Huge thanks to our sponsors as well, this would not be possible without them!

Really hope to see you Saturday morning at Mundaring Sculpture park as we roll out at 8am – come down at 7:30am to have a chat and check out the setup!

On August 25th 2018 I will be mountain biking with my mate Richard along the Munda Biddi trail from end to end in 10 days!

This trail is 1071km long and will be a huge challenge to ride but this challenge is not for ‘fun’, we are doing it to raise $15,000 for the Telethon Type 1 Family Centre – please help us on our mission, donate and share our story.

Munda-Betes Epic Adventure – Everyday Hero Donation Page

Thanks so much for your continued support and a big thank you to our sponsors

Yanchep Beach Joint Venture

Munda Biddi trail foundation

Pedal Mafia

Joondalup Cycle City (JCC)

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