Day 1 wrap up – epic adventure

Wow what a day, 103km and 1500m of elevation but to be honest I am feeling ok. Tonight we are in Jarrahdale and thanks to our friends here we had nice hot showers and now sitting in front of a toastie warm fire, however today was not without its challenges and dummy spits…

Last night I didnt get a lot of sleep, for some reason I kept going low and the glucose tablets would not do the job so by the time it came to 4:30 I was ready to get up. Even with that I was in good spirits and for once I was on time at Richards.

Down at the Mundairing Sculpture park we were happy to see our friends had come down to see us off, in the back ground though I was stressing out a bit as my blood sugars had been slowly creeping up, the problem is it was too close to the start of the ride to give an injection of insulin to bring them down – all past experiences with this situation have ended in hours of riding with low blood sugar…not the best situation to be in.

Northern Terminus ready to roll

We set off at 8:30am which was a little later than we had planned but seeing friends and chatting was worth it, as we headed through some great single track, forrest and endless hills, my blood sugars continued to climb – wigging out even more Richard was giving me the pep talk as he has seen in the past what bolusing does during the ride…my issue was that we were climbing big hills and my water had electrolytes with glucose in which both raise my blood sugar so by the time I was at 15 mmol, after having a paddy in the bush I made the decision to bolus, a whole 2 units of regular.

40 minutes later I crashed hard…into the dirt but not because I went low, I have this curse that when ever I do mountiain bike riding events there is at least one crash – this was my crash for the 10 days, bit of a bloody knee but rolled on.

The low blood sugar came too, hitting 2.8 mmol at one point thankfully I had only taken 2u of my long acting insulin and I had some cashews and peanuts to put down the hatch, keeping my head above water.

Richard had some issues of his own getting a stick lodged in his derailluer and causing a bit of damage, adding to that it happened again 20 minutes later, its safe to say he had a paddy too!

With all these challenges we continued on enjoying some of the epic scenery and trails but we were thankful to see the town of Jarrahdale at about 4pm.

Eating on the bike today was macadamias, walnuts, cacao butter, cashews, peanuts and beef jerky.

Tomorrow is a bigger day with an estimated 133km and 1300m of climbing, Jarrahdale to Lake Brockman, keep an eye on the face book page for live updates and photos during the day and please please share our story and if you can spare it we would really appreciate you dontating to our fantastic cause, helping us achieve our $15,000 target.

Thanks for reading.

We are now on our epic adventure, mountain biking with my mate Richard along the Munda Biddi trail from end to end in 10 days!

This trail is 1071km long and will be a huge challenge to ride but this challenge is not for ‘fun’, we are doing it to raise $15,000 for the Telethon Type 1 Family Centre – please help us on our mission, donate and share our story.

Munda-Betes Epic Adventure – Everyday Hero Donation Page

Thanks so much for your continued support and a big thank you to our sponsors

Yanchep Beach Joint Venture

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