Podcast Ep 01 – Underwater obsessions with Bec Johnson

Episode Summary

Super excited to introduce you to Bec Johnson – CEO of the Type 1 Diabetes family centre and otherwise known in my blog as my friend ‘The Mermaid‘, she is an incredible human who really lives the #lifewithoutlimits motto smashing out long distance solo open water ocean swims, scuba diving in very remote and incredible locations, mountain biking and sailing.

Podcasting with Bec at the Type 1 Family centre

Bec was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes around the same time as me, some 19 years ago and even with this disease front of mind 24/7 its clear that Bec has a passion for the life that exists underwater, always scanning the horizon for her next scuba diving experience that will bring a sense of awe in the epic natural environment that surrounds us everyday.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Bec at the family centre in Stirling, Western Australia to get a snap shot of her amazing sporting life with Type 1 Diabetes.

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Cave diving in Mexico
Into the sinkhole!
Bec’s underwater libre hack
Happy as a clam!

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