Podcast Ep 02 – Fitness in the limelight with Sabrina Dee (PINked)

Episode Summary

On today’s episode, we caught up with Deeva and fitness legend – Sabrina Dee. Thanks to Kapitol Kitchen for looking after us for this episode.

Catching up with Sabrina

Sabrina puts on some kickass shows with her PINked tribute band, bouncing around the stage working on her ‘stage fitness’ but it doesn’t stop there, when she gets home its off to her local CrossFit box to power through some epic WODs (workout of the day) and even competing in CrossFit masters games.

Sabrina was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes some 20 years ago but clearly, this has not been a limitation for what she has set out to achieve with both life and sporting, someone who is not afraid of showing that she lives with this disease is one of the many reasons she is an influential person in the Type 1 Diabetes community.

The key takeaway I got from this great convo was around making sure you arm yourself with all the available tools to help you nail your blood sugar strategies and keep active as much as possible, even if it is just walking.

Before we stuck into this exciting podcast, check out some photos from Sabrina’s performances and CrossFitting fun. Don’t forget to subscribe to My Lazy Pancreas so you don’t miss out on our future episodes.

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Thanks for listening and I wish you #stablebloodsugars always!

sabrina performing
PINked performance
sabrina deadlift2
“My favorite is a dead lift”


sabrina masters medal
Lifting weights and winning medals
sabrina stretching before crossfit
Never afraid to “show off” the disease
sabrina CGM
Unicorning CrossFit workouts

Links Mentioned in this episode

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CrossFit games

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